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PTO vs.Slide-In Units

This is a huge debate everywhere. I just want to know which of the two you prefer. Problems you have had with each. Changes you would like to see or maybe you have already did some customizing of your own.
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I have a slide in unit and have never used a pto unit. Maybe you can tell us which one you think is better and why?
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OK........I manufacture slide in units. I have repaired both and with that in mind i would have to say that the slide-in is my pick. Parts for the Butler system alone are extremely exspensive i feel when compared to parts for a slide in. The heat produced by PTO's is up to temp in a matter of minutes while the slide-in might take a few more. So if you are working in Antartica i wouldnt recommend a slide-in. That brings up another point....freezing. Slide-in have a significant amount of hoses to freeze if not properly winterized while the PTO has just a few. The wear on the vans engine is outragous. A slide in has its own engine. Gas mileage, dont even want to compare those. Dont get me wrong, the PTO's have some good qualities such as you can run massive lengths of hose with them for apartment buildings. When it comes to everyday repairs. the slide-in will have to be babied a bit more but like every piece of equipment, if you take care of it, it will last. If you want to start a successful business you dont need to spend the money needed for a PTO unit. Also, if it comes time to sell the machine, I know of A LOT of people looking for used slide-ins. Not to many people come to us asking for a PTOs. Then again maybe they dont need to sell the PTO.
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How do you properly winterized a slide in? What do you think is the best way to heat water?
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The way that we winterize truckmounts here is by using a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and pumping it through the water system. If your truckmount has a waterbox, start the truckmount and drain all the water out of it. Next you will need to hook some type of pump to your water inlet hose, if you do not already have one, in order to pump the antifreeze into your water box and into the system. Do not just poor the antifreeze into the waterbox because you will not get all the hoses and connections that are before it. With the truckmount started open your solution outlet hose and wait until the antifreeze come out then shut it. If you have a chemical injection system, take the inlet hose and draw antifreeze through it (instead of though your chemical jug)

In my opinion the best way to heat water would be using an the engines radiator fluid running through coils as a preheater and the engines exhaust as the kicker.
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I have only had slide ins have been very happy with them. Heat exchange it the best way to heat water no break downs no propane to buy. Many different units to look at check out ebay or supply houses web site for used machines. But buy as new a one as you can for fewer problems.
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slide in vrs pto

Originally Posted by Gervis View Post
This is a huge debate everywhere. I just want to know which of the two you prefer. Problems you have had with each. Changes you would like to see or maybe you have already did some customizing of your own.
I am on my 2nd hydramaster cds 1st one had 8000 hrs had to put new motor in van at 4200 hrs other than that was trouble then I sold new cds i like even better,1700 hrs not one's a 4.8 with salsa and runs at 220 degrees with wide open with rotovac 200 with sx-12 at 800 psi,lots of room in my van witch is very important believe me,suck the crome of your bumper,easy to use,no exaust in your face and more important super quiet because ithe van has a much better exuast system than any slide in,not saying anything bad about slide in just sating what I expierince.gas i think is not a problem because 1.5 rpm it doesn't use much more my buddy has a prochem everest and the fuel is real close.I love my hydramaster cds and would not own anything else and plan on getting 10'000 hrs trouble free new motor at 5000 hrs thats 10'000 x 100 hr =a cool millon if you price it right ,also with the hose port thew the step in your slide door you can lock your van so you don't have to worry of someone in your van when you are 200 feet away and makes it no louder than a electic shop vac

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Yaah.. I agree with rock...
hydramaster cds is really agree tool..
you will never use another tool again..
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I know this thread is old, but thought I'd throw in a few words. I have had only slide ins, but I hang out at the shop quite a bit and have asked many guys about the pto's. Hydramaster has the best pto, and every guy I have asked, including the mechanics, agree. I wouldn't buy anything else from them, the slide in units from them are total crap. For some reason they really got the pto right. I have a Hydra master 427 slide in, less than two years old. That thing has been to the shop WAY more than my 4000 hour prochem EVER was. And I'm not the only one. I have rarely heard of any problems with thier pto's.

As for the differences, the pto's are much simpler in design and take less to maintain. They do take a toll on the van, burning up seals and motor mounts, especially here in Arizona. Maintenance on the van must be kept up to par. A slide in will require more maintenance, take up more room, but may be hotter and easier/cheaper to fix if there is a problem. You can fix it yourself in some cases, while a pto will more often require a trip to the shop. And of course, the pto goes with the van, so taking it out requires a little work and getting everything back to stock if you do so. A slide in requires a forklift, that's about it.

I am currently working on building my own slide in out of an old frame, tired of having to fix (spend money) on this stupid 427. It's a lemon, so I'm going back to my roots so to speak and making a machine that is simple and easy to fix. That's what's important over everything, that it does the job, is easy to use, easy to maintain and most importantly MAKES money, not TAKES money.

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