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Post Construction Rate sq ft

Does anyone have any idea what the going rate is for post construction clean up rate is in the Dallas area and do you charge seperately for the windows (what rate per window?).

or, what is it in your area? i have to submit 2 bids and would you recommend hiring day laborors to start off with? Anyone have good experiences with them or bad ones, how much to pay them..$10/hr or more?

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Bidding square footage

I have been using 15-25 per sq. ft. I don't have that much experience at it. I mostly go into the homes and figure how much time it will take and make sure it works out to a pretty good hourly rate for us. I would rather not get a job than to work for peanuts!

Sometime it just takes trial and error..
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Interesting topic , would like to see more replies !

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I would go and take a look at the construction to see the situation some jobs are cleaners than others. If its not too bad i agree about the pricing $0,25 per sq f. if its bad then i would charge around $30,00 to 35,00 hours.

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Originally Posted by Claudia Cleaners View Post
I would go and take a look at the construction to see the situation some jobs are cleaners than others. If its not too bad i agree about the pricing $0,25 per sq f. if its bad then i would charge around $30,00 to 35,00 hours.
i would charge .25 cents and add more money depending on what you have to clean. Like vct,windows,light and more
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Pricing is always relative to many things; location, competition, costs, economy, union job, etc. Any option in pricing that you use will be your decision; my information is only a suggestion.

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We are about to wrap up a gut reno on a prewar classic 6, about 1500 sq ft. looking for some recommendations on company to use for cleaning post construction and pre move-in. I see here that Little Elves is recommended - any others that get good marks?
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Does anyone know the sq. footage price for Central Florida right now (Orlando area) 2012?
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I"d like to know as well.
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I own a cleaning service and we also do construction clean up in the Dallas area. We charge between .40-.50 sq ft. We do not haul away material left behind by other subcontractors. This is the total price for a "rough" & final clean. This is hard work! I've never had a problem with a GC paying this price after all I have overhead, employees, insurance, etc.

Best of luck to you!
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Janett, I agree that post construction cleaning is very hard work, and I agree 100% with your pricing of .40 -.50 per sq ft.
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I would not use day laborers for anything but broom sweeping or vacuuming large areas.Construction cleaning is a skill and the unskilled can do alot of damage to surfaces if they do not know what they are doing...
For pricing I would try your best to figure out how much time it will take, add your costs.Don't start with a sizeable project no matter how tempting.
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Post Construction

It also depends on the type of building you are cleaning. When I cleaned a 55,000 square foot Kohls here in NC, I charged 17.27 cents a sq ft (started at 18 cents but I bet their budget of $9,500) I did bill the contractors back for areas I had to do twice because of them making a mess again, and that was an additional $3,000. Make sure to get signed off when you complete an area so you can bill back other subcontractors. BUT.... The new Chuy's restaurant I start cleaning tomorrow, I was told to bid a lot more for 9,000 sq ft and placed the bid for 30 cents a sq ft. But the restaurants include kitchen equipment and several chandeliers, versus Kohls was just floors and a few windows and glass doors. Hope that helps.

If anyone has any tips on biding a different way, I am all ears. I have only been in business for 3 years and those are the only two post construction cleans I have placed bids on. I have never done a separate price for windows but neither one of these sites had many of them.

I have recently been asked to bid on a 160,000 sq ft Walmart being built and would LOVE some tips on what to charge them.

1.1 A.
1.2 A.
B. C.
2.1 A.
B. C.
3.1 A.
1. 2.
Cleaning and maintenance of site premises. Related Requirements:
Section 01742 - Construction/Demolition Waste Management and Disposal:
non-hazardous construction and demolition waste.
Section 01743 - Hazardous/Universal Waste Management and Disposal: Disposal and removal of hazardous construction and demolition waste.
Codes and Standards: Comply with applicable Federal, State and Local codes and regulations relative to environmental safety regulations.
Hazards Controls: Store volatile waste in covered metal containers and remove from premises daily. Prevent accumulation of wastes which create hazardous conditions.
Pollution Control:
Do not burn or bury rubbish and waste materials on the project site.
Do not disposal of volatile fluid wastes (such as mineral spirits, oil or paint thinner) in storm or sanitary sewer systems or into streams or waterways.
Do not disposal of any toxic chemicals in storm or sanitary sewer systems. Comply with EPA requirements regarding disposal.
Use only cleaning materials recommended by manufacturer of surface to be cleaned.
Use cleaning materials only on surfaces recommended by cleaning material manufacturer.
Cleaning materials shall be clearly labeled and safely stored when not in use. Maintain control of cleaning materials while in use. Do not leave unattended. No flammable materials or liquids may be stored in the existing building or in the new addition.
1. 2.
SUMMARY Section Includes:
Oversee cleaning and ensure that building and grounds are maintained free from accumulations of waste materials and rubbish.
In exterior work, sprinkle dusty debris with fine water mist to control accumulation of dust. Avoid puddling.
#7243 Burgaw, NC
Disposal and removal of
UniSpec II 012712
C. D. E.
3.2 A.
B. C. D.
E. F.
3.3 A.
Vacuum clean interior building areas when ready to receive finish painting and continue vacuum cleaning on an as-needed basis until building is ready for acceptance or occupancy.
Schedule cleaning operations so that dust and other contaminants resulting from cleaning process will not fall on wet, newly-painted surfaces.
Clean exterior premises daily. Do not let debris enter customer areas.
On a daily basis, clean work areas and access, and dispose of waste materials, rubbish and debris.
Disposal of non-hazardous demolished materials shall be at Contractor's expense as specified in Section 01742.
Disposal of hazardous materials shall be at Contractor's expense as specified in Section 01743.
Deposit waste materials, rubbish, and debris in waste containers as specified in Section 01742. Perform segregation of waste materials into the various classification and segregated materials.
Do not allow waste materials, rubbish and debris to accumulate and become an unsightly or hazardous condition. Keep streets and access to site free of rubbish and debris.
Execute final cleaning prior to final inspection as follows:
1. Clean Project site, yard, and grounds, in areas disturbed by construction activities, including landscape development areas, of rubbish, waste material, litter, and other foreign substances.
2. Sweep paved areas broom clean. Remove petrochemical spills, stains, and other foreign deposits.
3. Rake grounds that are neither planted nor paved to a smooth, even-textured surface.
4. Remove tools, construction equipment, machinery, and surplus material from Project site.
5. Clean exposed exterior and interior hard-surfaced finishes to a dirt-free condition, free of stains, films, and
similar foreign substances. Avoid disturbing natural weathering of exterior surfaces. Restore reflective
surfaces to their original condition.
6. Remove debris and surface dust from limited access spaces, including roofs, plenums, shafts, trenches,
equipment vaults, manholes, attics, and similar spaces.
7. Clean debris from roofs, gutters, downspouts, and drainage systems.
8. Vacuum carpet and similar soft surfaces, removing debris and excess nap; shampoo if visible soil or stains
9. V acuum clean all interior floor surfaces.
10. Clean transparent materials, including mirrors and glass in doors and windows. Remove glazing compounds
and other noticeable, vision-obscuring materials. Replace chipped or broken glass and other damaged
transparent materials. Polish mirrors and glass, taking care not to scratch surfaces.
11. Remove labels that are not permanent.
12. Touch up and otherwise repair and restore marred, exposed finishes and surfaces. Replace finishes and
surfaces that cannot be satisfactorily repaired or restored or that already show evidence of repair or
13. Wipe surfaces of mechanical and electrical equipment and similar equipment. Remove excess lubrication,
paint, and mortar droppings, and other foreign substances.
14. Clean plumbing fixtures to a sanitary condition, free of stains, including stains resulting from water exposure.
15. Replace disposable air filters and clean permanent air filters of equipment operated during construction.
Clean exposed surfaces of diffusers, registers, and grills.
16. Clean ducts, blowers, and coils if units were operated without filters during construction.
17. Clean light fixtures, lamps, globes, and reflectors to function with full efficiency. Replace burned-out bulbs,
and those noticeably dimmed by hours of use, and defective and noisy starters in fluorescent and mercury
vapor fixtures.
18. Leave Project clean and ready for occupancy.
Cleaning of Toilets Prior to Possession:
#7243 Burgaw, NC
UniSpec II 012712
C. D.
1. 2. 3. 4.
Immediately prior to possession, clean toilets thoroughly including each toilet fixture and accessory.
Clean entire wall and floor surfaces using cleaning solutions and wipe dry to prevent surface film or residue. Clean water closets and sinks with scrubbing cleansers to remove stains and deposits.
Clean and polish stainless steel accessories and toilet partitions to a spotless luster using soap, ammonia, or mild detergent and water. Apply with sponge or soft cloth, rinse with clear water, and wipe dry. As an alternate, use a commercial stainless steel cleaner and polish.
Clean mirror surfaces using glass cleaner.
Employ skilled workmen for final cleaning.
Prior to final completion or Owner possession, conduct an inspection of sight-exposed interior and exterior surfaces and all work areas with the Owner's Construction Manager to verify that entire Work is clean.
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I see one HUGE problem,you are talking about bidding by the square foot when I see that they have the jobsite grounds listed here.
You need to present your own scope of work to the contractor and if you don't plan on doing the actual site(exterior) then you need to have a list of exclusions...
and what's this? Replace chipped or broken glass and other damaged transparent materials.
I'll be honest,if I saw this I'd take off running...
With that in there then you must inspect prior to doing any work,ALL windows and report even the tiniest scratch and you bettered not scratch anything or yikes!
But and this is where so many newbies get in big trouble-what that really says is that you Mr.Cleaning Contractor are not only providing a price to clean,but in addition your company is going to replace all the chipped and broken glass on the job site.It says nothing about when that glass gets chipped,but that your price includes the replacement of all chipped and broken glass, whenever and by whomever does not matter,but that you are the company that will be handling the replacement.

Also,what about this "Clean and polish stainless steel accessories" this is just one example.Polish means polish,not wipe it down and apply shiner.Were you planning to POLISH all of the stainless steel?

Be careful what you sign...I hate to see you get ripped off.

Learn some important tips about bidding and scopes of work here-

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Thank you so much for your feedback. Being so excited about this job, I may have overlooked that, thinking they would supply the items at their expense. I will be honest, I am 26 and have only been doing this for 3 years. VERY new to all of this and have built a great reputation for myself but I know some large jobs like this can bankrupt me. I will be visiting the site tomorrow and going over what is expected from me. I have also visited your site and am contemplating purchasing it, especially for this bid. Thank you again!

Michele Barrera
Michele's Meticulous Maid Service, LLC.
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Agreed with CleaningPastor. .40-.50/sq ft is what we charge typically. That being said, I just put in a bid at .30/sq ft but wouldn't touch anything below that.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill
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post #17 of Old 05-23-2014, 02:41 AM
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Question Newby!!!

So I have a couple of questions...

I'm also pretty new the post construction scene and am starting to pick up good business. Two things I'm struggling with is how much to actually charge to make a profit and to out bid the competition? Not to be discriminatory, but there are a lot of latin companies that work for dirt and they have like 6 or 8 people going to one residential home each clean... I don't know how they can do that and make anything!!! Very hard to compete... Be sides the point.

I ruffly charge .12 cents/sq. ft. (like I said, I'm still learning), includes 3 cleans per house. Any clean after that I charge a full sq. footage rate; that isn't completed livable sq. ft., that's total sq. ft., but am going to be raising my rates to .16-.20 cents in the next couple months. Plus, I charge separately for windows. What are your thoughts on that?

The other is how many days do you include in that price? How many times do you go out to the site for .40-.50 cents to be included in that price? I was thinking on changing it to 2, but I feel as if I would be cheating them by, not just raising my rates, but also lowering the amount of times we come to the site and clean without an addition charge. That would also cause more headache for the Superintendent given that he now only has 2 cleans to get his other contractors out instead of 3... Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance guys.
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post #18 of Old 05-23-2014, 03:16 AM
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Ps. I also have a another question...

How much do you pay your employees? I pay the team lead a hourly rate, but I was thinking of paying my guys a piece rate... You know?! Per house type of thing.
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Aloha From Maui Hawaii. I am new to this discussion. I have been in the cleaning business for five years mostly in Vacation Condo cleaning. Janett has a good point regarding pricing. In Hawaii things are more costly and I have been charging on average about .54 cents per sq ft for Condo deep cleans. I have my first bid request for a post const clean on Wednesday. It is 6800 sq ft with a massive amount of windows. They want a pretty sterile deep clean with each room taped off with plastic after cleaning in preparation for the owner and Contractor final inspection. My guess is that .54 may not be enough for this job. It could run into 120+ man hours. I charge $50 hr in Hawaii. Anyone have any helpful ideas for me just getting into post construction cleans. Thanks
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I did construction cleaning for over 35 years

I did great,had a huge company and it was not all that complicated

I learned some key things about pricing and how to write a scope of work-what to put in it,what not to put in it and where...

YOu can get sooo ripped off by contractors

Plus there is the problem of those operating mostly illegally (which stinks)
and which there is no real answer for.

What I learned was-you will get repeat business if you are any good,but you must know how to protect yourself

Learn some great tips here
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