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Starting a construction cleaning service but lost.

Ok I plan on starting this business and I need some info. A construction clean up crew in my eyes are people that clean up the mess that the workers leave? not cleaning windows and making it look nice? what would be the job called were I clean up just the mess. ( debris )? thanks guys.
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If you intend to remove the debris from the jobsite-as in chunks of concrete,left over lumber, blocks,pipes that sort of of materials.
That is more of a lot cleanup service which requires a dump truck or similar.

If by debris you are referring to bits of small items at the interior of each apartment or commercial space,things like a few pieces of leftover tile,some boxes,scraps (small) of lumber, plumbing pipes (again small sections or pieces) and then cleaning the apartment or office then this is a regular construction clean.

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Get it put in writing,what you will be ,doing far as cleaning up.
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A lot cleanup service and construction cleaning are two completely different types of companies~
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Construction site cleanup services perform a final cleaning and removal of left over construction materials for commercial and residential properties. This work often involves long hours, heavy lifting and attention to detail. Window cleaning, dust removal, metal polishing and removing building materials, such as pipes, electrical wiring, wood and metal, are common tasks. Construction companies, home remodeling companies and property management companies use construction site cleanup services to ready spaces for sale or lease.

Step 1
Apply for a business license to operate a construction site cleanup business in your area. Contact the county clerk's office or small business administration office to inquire about business licensing forms and fees. Register your cleanup business with your state's secretary of state's office if forming a corporation, limited liability company or partnership. Apply for an employer identification number with the Internal Revenue Service to use on all business and tax documentation. Purchase business insurance such as general liability, auto, worker's compensation and property insurance. This insurance helps protect your business in the event of an accident or injury on a job site.

Step 2

Hire employees with construction or industrial clean up experience. Depending on state regulations, employees may need to be bonded to work legally on construction sites. Surety bonds help cover the costs of legal fees in the event of a lawsuit or settlement. Require potential employees to purchase surety bonds from licensed insurance providers and ask for a copy of surety bond certificates for your records.

Step 3

Purchase construction cleanup equipment and supplies. Equipment may include small bulldozers for removing heavy construction debris, industrial garbage bins, window cleaning supplies, wood, metal or stone cleaning supplies, brooms, dust pans, window cleaner, metal polishing chemicals and safety equipment, such as dust masks, first aid kits, uniforms and hard hats. Lease or purchase a company vehicle for hauling cleanup equipment.

Step 4

Contact local construction companies, janitorial services, property management companies and renovation companies to market your services. Create a brochure that outlines specific and general cleaning services, before and after photos, contact information and hours of operation.

reinforced concrete slab
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Ive been reading on different sites about rates for cleaning... trying to answer these questions as well.

1.the 3 stages of cleaning, are they charged different rates per clean and if so how much? We are wanting to charge per sq foot

2. powerwashing per sq foot charges, flat surfaces only, ex driveways, sidewalks...

3. is cleaning windows extra or included in the price per square foot? and if so, 2 story houses, how much extra do you charge for doing those windows? im sure you clean them inside and out, right?

This contractor we have talked to wants to pay .36 per sq ft for all cleans, total, which avgs .12, and I really need to know what each clean pays, so I can tell whether this is a good price, something is telling me it isnt. We have other contracotrs to talk to, so we will have a better idea, but I could use the help of some people that are in the business, so I know if all these contractors are shooting me straight. all these cleans are interior only, except for the pressure washing. Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Not a good deal for you...for him,it's a bargain

You need to learn how to arrive at your prices and why you...

Plus you need to know how to write a scope to keep from getting stung

go to this's all about pricing and scopes of work
from first cleans to touch ups.
tells how to get your to write scope and why
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i have already bought your pdf file, and it has great info in it, i thought the cleans should average out about .18 at least, then add any extras in there, but not sure how much to charge for extras or how to come to that magic number on what to charge for extra stuf, like 2 story house, how much extra to clean windows, lots more labor and equipment used doing that. will pricing be the same for all cleans? prob not, bc some take longer than others. and if i go back to clean extra, how much to charge there...
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Reread the pdf file...slowly

I do offer consulting for construction is money WELL spent

When I started out as a teenager I learned the ropes the hard way.

After a few years of killing myself working 7 days a week...I figured some things out.

If you do not price your jobs correctly
If you do not write the scopes correctly
You are going to get used by a lot of contractors.Cleaning people are a dime a dozen to them,and they know when you are new.
Why?because of the questions that you are asking,and the questions that you are not asking them.

I see loads of people on this site and they have advertising budgets of $500-$1000 a month.

by the way in 35 years I never spent a penny on advertising.
People are focusing on the wrong thing.

Spend money on asking someone who knows exactly what you are trying to do,knows how how to do it,knows the questions and the answers to those questions.
You will save a fortune,keep from getting taken to the cleaners and more importantly understand clearly what to look for,what to avoid...the list goes on and on.

Hire a consultant that specializes in your business.

This is my best advice...
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how much do you charge?
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Here is a link

These are 30 minute sessions,if you want 1 hour just order two.
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I had a lady that wanted to start a cleaning company so I was training her and then she decided she wanted to do new construction.... I warned her it was not just a PITA but when it comes to new construction it is such a PITA it needs to be spelled out... PAIN IN THE ASS.... 3 new construction jobs later she went back to regular house cleaning. She now leads a 100% work stress free life cleaning houses and making great money at it. As a matter of fact, I will be selling her some of my customers to add to her current customer list.
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what is such a PITA about it? Guess this is where Lori says that you need contracts and everything laid out.
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There are restoration companies that specialize in fire and flood damage. They are mostly employed by insurance companies, but you can call them and have them do the work. It involves mostly cleaning every surface. There are specially treated sponges and cloths that they wipe surfaces with to remove the smell. Fabrics must be washed or cleaned, dishes washed. If the damage involves discoloration, you may have to paint. A good stain-blocking primer is necessary.
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Contracts are great for paper work but they don't mean things will actually happen that way. Give it a shot.... you might love it.

Even if I could get over all the other things of that type of work..... we ALWAYS get paid before we start ANY job. You will find some builders that will do that but most won't. Plus, me and my people do EASY work. We've cleaned some of the same houses for years and years. Most of our jobs are already clean when we get there. We just go in... go through the motions... remove a lil dust and head to the next job. We never get dirty. We never get tired. We have set hours.

Good luck with it but when all the pita things start happening please think of me and look up and smile

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Lost on post construction qutations

I have been in residential cleaning business for past 16 years. Recently I was approached by a builder here in Ontario, Canada to bid on 77 unit building. I find myself lost on how to price this. PLESE HELP!!!!
By the way never been on any forum before so if I am doing something stupid please let me know.
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Construction cleaning!

Hello Fellas! I just joined this forum and there are very interesting posts out there. Construction is a bit of a step-child in my opinion. Been in there for about 20 years. Keep it simple, documented and know your costs.

You know what your time is worth! Charge accordingly. There is hardly no loyalty when it comes to numbers. Personal touch is good and it comes with building relationships. - know your costs -

Be transparent. Put an estimate together for the type of work your provide, the area's to be cleaned and what it entails. Make-ready! Think that is the term when you clean the interiors. But you still need to write it down. I have been in the granite counter biz a long time and write down what I do. for example. Cleaning and sealing 50 sq.ft kitchen counter at 1234 Smith Road. All items must be removed prior to cleaning. Anything not included in estimate is automatically excluded.

Terms of payment. Immediately upon completion. Oh! And you want to create a contract or type of agreement for the client to sign. Keep everything documented. He says, she says is never good.

Hope that helped a bid. Good luck!
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We had dreamed of building a Lindal Home for decades, and our time finally arrived. We were fortunate to have the help of the experienced and professional Dealers in Montrose, CO. Both are Civil Engineers and the design process was very organized and fun. Best of all the materials provided were very high quality. The warmth of the western red cedar trim and the exposed beams is noticed every time we enter the house. We love it, we love coming home. Our builder was excellent and advised Lindal 'made it easy,' with the detailed plans and itemized materials. Our experience was great. We'd highly recommend building a home with both Lindal and the Dealers in Montrose.

House keeper services Perth
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Bare-bones list of materials:
30-foot extension ladder, installed with a leg-leveler kit for uneven terrain (very important for safety)
6 to 8-foot step ladder
3 to 4-foot step ladder
small or medium Shop-Vac (wet/dry type) for window tracks and heating ducts
regular vacuum cleaner (upright or canister) with long hose attachment for stairs
window cleaning tools (buy quality and cry only once). Note: You can buy the specialized window tools you need from a janitorial supply, or order them from a catalog. (There is a huge list of supply houses on the Internet.)
tool belt for window tools
mop and mop bucket
broom and dustpan
plastic putty knife scrapers (1-inch size is handy)
bamboo skewer sticks (for tight corners)
lots of soft cotton rags (Wal-Mart sells 18 washcloths for $5.00)
rubber gloves (surgical-type is best)
big soft-bristle scrub brush for showers and tubs
quality spray bottle (again, buy the best)
gallon of non-toxic cleaning solution (like “Simple Green”)
assorted cleaners for label removal, etc. (“Goof-Off”, acetone, or non-toxic citrus cleaners)
plastic buckets (Two medium-sized will get you started.)
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Great advice!!
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