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stuckinfreeport 03-02-2017 12:20 AM

My fault or not?
I recently did a deep clean in a beautiful 5 bedroom beach house for a lady I have worked for for over 5 years. Lately I have been feeling like my days are numbered with this account. However, I gave the deep clean my best effort.
At one point I had to run home to feed my animals. We were spending quite a lot of time in this house. My helper was a man who I've known for a while and is a good cleaner, except for his OCD, and he is much too slow to takew on a turnover clean.
Before I left he mentioned taking the lioving room area rug outside on the porch- toi clean, or beat, or wehatever, I am not too sure of his intentions at that time. But I told NOT to pick up the rug. My thoughts at the time were that the furniture in the room was way too heavy
When I got back to the house, I found that he had takewn the rug onto the porch and cleaned it with the hose. Thje rug looked like a rope or bamboo thing - turns out it was a SEAGRASS rug(which I had never heard of) And my owner was livid. She told me that it was ruined and she read to me the instructions for cleaning a seagrass rug - basically its that you can't. At least you can't use any water, or it will be ruined. She fired me and is refusing to pay me.
My feeling is that it was her responsibility to tell me at least that it was a seagrass rug and had special cleaning requirements. I feel it was her responsibility and that she of course can fire me, but that she should pay me. It was a 900$ job and I walked out after 5 days of work with zero. What do you think?

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