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unnamed 10-23-2007 07:25 PM

just getting started
Hi I am starting a new construction cleaning business with 2 other girls and we are bidding a 3 million dollar home tommorrow. Any help on what we need to get started? We are checking into getting licenced but not sure if we need to get bonded or not.

t.peterson 10-23-2007 08:34 PM

Hello Unnamed, welcome to

You really should have licensing, Liability insurance and workman's comp insurance in place prior to bidding any job, but I am seriously doubtful that you will have your bid entertained by any builder without the insurances being in place as that would place the liability squarely upon them if anything went wrong and they just are not going to take that risk :sad:

unnamed 10-23-2007 08:39 PM

Thanks for info. We have spoken with insurance agency and are getting insurance in place. The man I am bidding is a good friend so he knows that we will have everything in order before starting the job. One of the friends I am working with generally charges .27 cent per sq. ft. but the man we are meeting said his company is paying around .36 cent. I will find out all of the specifics in the morning.

t.peterson 10-23-2007 08:57 PM

Sounds like you have a great foot in the door then :thumbsup: If they are paying .36 cents they are paying on the high end of the scale :yes:

unnamed 10-23-2007 09:16 PM

Iv'e done residential cleaning for about 8 years but haven't done any new constuctions of this size. I am very excited about the challange. I'll let you know how it goes tommorrow.:no:

t.peterson 10-24-2007 01:39 AM

Good luck! Wishing you success

unnamed 10-25-2007 11:16 AM

I really need some help finding out rates in SC on post construction cleaning. I need an idea on sq ft pricing and windows to make sure I am bidding right.

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