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MyHousekeeper 07-17-2007 11:08 AM

NEW/Questions on Getting Biz, Tell Me Your Story!
:rolleyes: Hi -- I am Brand New to the cleaning business. Just joined forum today. I am targeting larger homes 4,000 Sq. feet and up. My only method for generating new business has been hand-delivering fliers to mailboxes. I plan to get car magnets and such but don't have the budget yet.

I delivered about 650 so far. These are very upscale subdivisions where I figure people need and can afford my services. Got two calls, one in which I did a "home cleaning evaluation." I toured the home, got to know the homeowner and her expectations. For 7500 sq. ft. I quoted $300 that is for 6 baths and 5 bedrooms... Gave her a courtesy call back (left voice mail). Haven't heard from her yet. Got another call from a realtor to clean an 1100 sq. ft. vacant newly carpeted/painted home for $75. After much research I have decided to generally speaking charge .07-cents/square foot.

I am curious to hear how it was when you started your business. I am disappointed I have not received more calls. I am REALLY disappointed that I haven't had one paying job. Please help by telling how you got your fist clients and what happened from there. I need HOPE! I desperately need the income. Wondering if I am on the right track.

Thanks! J.

t.peterson 07-18-2007 12:21 AM

Hello J

Welcome to cleaningtalk and to the cleaning industry. Unfortunately your story is not too uncommon now a days. Don't get me wrong, work can be found, just not as readily as it once was since more and more people are entering into the field daily.

Back in the day you could easily get a 10% or higher return for every 100 fliers placed on prospective clients doors, but today the rate is closer to 0.5% for every couple of hundred fliers :sad:

My advise would be to keep plugging away at your marketing and in the meanwhile ask your friends/ family and local business owners (your doctor/ storekeeper/ etc...) if you can clean their homes for less in return for some referrals.

heavenlyhomes 07-18-2007 07:36 PM

I must agree that it use to be alot better. However keep at it, it will get better! I started out the same way by doing flyers and it was slow at first. But it did pick up very quickly. Also I have found that there are periods of time when you may not get a response right away and that being in the summer months of mid-July through the first of Sept. It all depends on when school starts. That can be a crazy time of the year. At least thats how it is here in Kentucky. Also around the Christmas holidays is a great time people do alot of entertaining and the need your help!

uspowerwash 07-18-2007 09:40 PM

free advertising
I would suggest that you also put a free ad on and the free local area of yahoo yellow pages and google, I can't guarantee you will get work from them but they are free...Good Luck !

profcleaning 12-14-2018 11:59 AM


I placed an ad in my local newspaper with as few words as possible.I do agree it use to be alot easier.Loads of people entering the biz as they are of the opinion anyone can clean! NOT TRUE!!

You have the right idea that you have to get in front of people to even begin to get hired.

Keep this in mind.There are people out there looking for you.Busy people,professional people like doctors and lawyers,senior citizens,busy moms, single men all need cleaning help.So the question to answer is where do I find them? Answer this and you will get clients.

Carry some tape and push pins with you to be able to place cards and flyers.

Some things to try:

1.Keep passing out flyers and cards but make sure you are passing them out in more upscale places/neighborhoods
2.Can you post a flyer in the lunch room or even the elevators of physicians in large scale medical facilities?
3.Do they have a bulletin board in the local coffee shop? again pay attention to the neighborhood.
4.Does the grocery store have a bulletin board?
5.Don't be shy.Hand cards to people.Leave cards in restaurants where you eat.
6.Leave cards when you go to the drive through at the bank.
7.Tell everyone!
8.Go to and check out the prices for even one car magnet.You could put it on the back of your vehicle (maybe)
9.Go to hair salons/nail salons and ask if you can leave cards.Talk to the patrons that are sitting and waiting.

Always remember to keep track of where you left cards or flyers and revisit regularly to replace.

If you don't quit you will succeed.

RainaFadel 12-17-2018 08:56 PM

Hello! I am currently working in a carpet store and cleaning company. I would suggest, to go online and social media. Most of the time it is free and easy. You will reach easily your target market too.

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