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amyinla 09-16-2009 04:11 PM

New to the Site-Help/Guidance Appreciated!
Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum! I stumbled across the site while searching on for some advice on pricing a job that I just completed for a builder. Its a residence/new construction that I have transitioned the home completely from "post-construction" to "live-in ready".

I am located in Mandeville, Louisiana (30 miles North of New Orleans) and have been told by a few friends that the going rate here in between $.35 & $.50 cents per sq ft but most charge extra at a set price for window cleaning, paint over spray removal, and the sticker scraping/removal on both the interior & exterior of all glass & transoms.

The project I just completed is 2 stories, approx 2499 sq ft (living space), 3-large BR's measuring approx 16x18 Master with 8'x6'closet, 2nd BR is approx 14x15 with , 2 Full Baths (Master with 6'x6' huge shower that is tiled completely including floor & ceiling) with double vanity sinks set in granite; the 2nd bath has large 3'Wx5L'x23"H soaking tub with transom window above the 5' of tiled walls to create shower walls and a single vanity sink set in granite. The entire 1st floor is completely with 20x20 ceramic tile which was not cleaned thoroughly by the installers and had to be mopped 3+ times in order to get the grout haze removed from the surface. With exception to the 2 bathrooms upstairs, all other flooring on the 2nd floor of this home is hard-wood which although was covered with paper after installation, still was very dirty due to careless contractors leaving multiple messes behind! There are 10 windows on the 2nd floor and all were cleaned thoroughly and over spray was completely removed from the interior surfaces of the windows.

On the 1st level, there is a 1/2 bath under the stairs as well as a walk in closet under the stairs as well. All baseboards, fixtures, fans, cabinet face & interiors plus shelves, and cabinet drawers in all areas were dusted & cleaned thoroughly as well as the black iron (french quarter style) rails on the stairs were wiped several times to remove all the construction dust & mess. The stair treads and landing are solid wood and also had to be cleaned & mopped several times due to ignorant paint contractors who refused to remove their dirty shoes and left more dirt behind on my already cleaned & spotless floors the day after I completed my work!

The kitchen area is fully counter-topped with granite which was cleaned and polished thoroughly as well as all cabinets (which are approx 8' in height and butted to the 15' high ceiling which also contain a 2 1/2' cabinet on top of each one where it meets the ceiling which had glass doors and 1 shelf instead of a traditional cabinet door.

I have invested close to 40 hours of work spread over 3 days and just want to be sure that I am fairly pricing my work without over charging the builder as it is not ever my intention to take advantage of a client or to be paid more than my work is truely worth according to the general business practices of the real world population! I completed this job to the best of my abilities with the exception of removing/cleaning the stickers from the exterior of the windows on the 2nd story simply because it has rained continuously for the past 5 days straight due to a low in the Gulf! The builder did take care of the garage and it was not my responsibility but the rest was mine! Please help or advise if anyone can!

The selling price on the home was approx $230,000 if that info helps!


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