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britanie 12-09-2008 10:23 AM

Newbie! residential rough/final clean???
I am from Texas and would be interested in advice from other established cleaners.
I started a business in Aug doing commercial rough and final cleaning. It is going - just not going fast enough. I am struggling to keep my crew busy non stop. We have luls in work...I have done OK - but not stellar, I think I am bidding too low and just not making the money I should be..... SO the commercial is still a learning process... BUT I am venturing into and being asked to bid on HIGH $ (10K s.f custom homes) Rough and Final cleaninig. I am not sure how to estimate guess is about 10 hours of labor per 1000 s.f??? does that include windows or do I bid those seperate.... what other areas would be extra charges (woodwork? lots of tile? excess dirt?).. Is the bid seperate?? DO you bid ROUGH at $.. then FINAL at $... if so how do you seperate it and whats the total cost?

Does anyone have a cheat sheet or a place where i can buy a estimating sheet (like a check list of how to walk the job and estimate it)...

I am all about quality service, employees and products. I do not sell PRICE. However, I understand I need to be competive in this market. I would greatly appreciate any insight.....

I know people dont want to tell their competitor their secrets - so I am hoping someone from out of state or not in my city will offer insight!!

Struggling as a start up in Austin,:cry: Texas!

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