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DivineClean&Green 07-31-2017 08:59 PM

Start up Equip/Supplies for Green Commercial/Residential Cleaning Servie
I just started a Green(eco-friendly) commercial/residential cleaning service. I have all my necessary business licenses and insurance in place now I'm looking to start buying some start up supplies and equipment. I'll be starting out using my own personal vehicle until I start making enough money to need a company Van or something. I just purchased a new laptop and printer for administration purposes. I'm trying to find some good, reasonably priced green cleaning products, and I'm any other suggestions you may have as far as vacs, mops, broom, carts etc. Any advice is well appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

missannienow 08-01-2017 11:41 AM

The best advice I can give to someone new to this business is this: be open to suggestions and trying different products. Learn as much as you can about the most quick and thorough cleaning methods. Most of all, please LOVE what you do! And always put customer service first, because that is what will grow your reputation and business the most.

Seems everyone has a favorite vacuum system. A lot of people seem to like backpack models. I do not, because they are bulky and leave your back open to injury. I prefer wand type vacuums, and ones that have LED headlights. They are lightweight and depending on the brand, can be just excellent. I like Sharks, but others have their own favorites.

Cleaning products - well, I think that is somewhat of a personal choice. A lot of people stick to vinegar, water and baking soda. Which all work fine and are safe. However, for me, I do not use these at all. My current customers LOVE the fact that my cleaning products smell so nice plus clean so well. I hear this over and over and over. Watkins and Meyers is what I use, and they are NOT cheap. But a little goes a long way, as they are quite concentrated. I think its worth the extra money if its something my customers really like.

I also do not use bleach anymore, unless there is mold present. I switched to a peroxide cleaner and it works as well and isnt obnoxious smelling and it is quite safe to use.

I learned something here that I had not thought of before. Many people provide new customers with a checklist of exactly what chores will be done, and what wont be. For instance, cleaning a fridge, taking out trash, washing dishes, are NOT a normal part of standard cleaning. They are considered extras, because all take time. I ran into that issue last year in a huge way. I arrived at a new clients home, only to find the kitchen filthy and a what looked like 2 weeks of dirty dishes everywhere. I was distressed and upset, and the owner wasnt home for me to talk to. Just her elderly mother and a teenager. UGH. Well, I dug in and washed the darn dishes, and then went on to do what I could in the 4 hours the owner wanted. And I explained all this to her later. I have not yet made a checklist, but I DO explain to new customers what is and what isnt standard cleaning.

I am sure others will have more suggestions for you.
Annie, in Florida

DivineClean&Green 08-01-2017 11:47 AM

Thank you so much for the input Annie. I is well received and highly appreciated. The checklist idea is something I've been thinking about a I guess you just reaffirmed for me. Well it's been nice connecting with you and I wish you the best. Ttyl. p.s. my fiancé's name is Annie as well. Lol.

missannienow 08-01-2017 01:53 PM

We all sometimes learn something the hard way. I made a lot of boo boo's my first year. But at least I learned from them and kept on going.

DivineClean&Green 08-01-2017 01:56 PM

That's the key to life Miss Annie. Everyone makes mistakes. It's the successful people who learn from them and move on. I checked you the Mrs. Myers and JR Watkins websites and they both look like they have great products. I'm just doing research right now, trying to figure what are the best eco products I want to use and so on. I'm also planning on getting my business cards done soon so I can start a little marketing as well.

missannienow 08-01-2017 05:58 PM

There are many other products that clean well out there. I just happen to prefer using something that really smells nice! IWhen I work, I am immersed in the smells. If I was "grossed out" by something's smell, I will not use it.

Meyers sells large bottle of concentrated general cleaning fluids. You mix it with water and that ends up costing LESS than, say, if you bought a bottle of Lysol's nice smelling cleaning stuff. Many of my customers are fairly wealthy, and for whatever reason, most associate clean with nice smelling! I know that cheap stuff like Fabuloso work fine (on tile floors, etc.) but the smell really bothers me.
I buys the big bottle of Meyers at my local grocery. I pay $8.99 for these large bottles. Online, they go for much more, and I do not know why. Target carries both Meyers and Watkins products, and also their Method products which work equally well and also smell nice.
Cleaning houses and be challenging, and it is a learning process for everyone. I am willing to bet you that in another year, I may have even MORE lessons to teach people! Nothing is set in stone.

kitpatrick 09-02-2017 03:01 PM

Divine, when you get to the point where you'll be scrubbing floors, check out the Cleanfix Parrot scrubbers. They lay down the cleaning solution, scrub the floor, and vacuum the floor, too. They replace a van-full of equipment, and they also fold down and fit in the trunk of a car.

momentum 09-24-2017 11:47 PM

Thanks for joining this forum. Definitely green cleaning is a great idea and I always suggest one should go for green cleaning products as in today’s era green cleaning thoughts are very authoritative for everyone as it is good for the environment, good for your workforce and good for your bottom line! Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is healthier for everyone involved — from everyday workers, to visitors and guests, to maintenance staff and can gives you an important edge in marketing your company or your office building.keep sharing.

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