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StainlessDeal 12-31-2008 11:33 PM

Promote Yourself & the Industry
Here is a chance to promote your business, your industry, and yourself. If you have the desire to write content for the largest, most comprehensive, and best-ranked website for organizations representing the pressure washing industry, the UAMCC needs to hear from you today.

We need people to write content on the various areas of the power washing industry they know best, to serve as the introductory pages on
the UAMCC website for those topics. In exchange, we will credit you, and provide a self-written bio on the page you write, back linked to your business website.

This is a chance to write a permanent online document to showcase your expertise, and to help make the UAMCC the best organization, with the best website, industry wide. The website already ranks astronomically high for most of the best key terms used by searchers across the web, and each page you contribute will be indexed by the search engines. You can harness that power for your business, while adding value to the only organization out there
that has been established "For Contractors by Contractors".

To submit your text, or to get more information, please contact Scott Millen by email at [email protected], or by phone at (402) 670-4214.

This site is going to be the best-written,
highest ranked, and most functional website in the industry. It is appropriate to let the industry’s members have the opportunity to contribute the text that will be viewed by many potential colleagues and customers as their first introduction to the various different fields in the industry.

If you have expert knowledge in your field that you wish to share, send me the copy you’d like to see on the webpage for that topic. If you aren’t the greatest writer, but you want to contribute, I’ll work with you to tune your copy.

Don’t stand on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to go first. Take a step forward for yourself, and for your industry, and write the copy you can point to with pride years from now, and say,” I was there at the beginning…”

Act soon, writing is underway even now. This site is going to be up soon, why not have it up with your name permanently attached

Thanks for your consideration,
Scott Millen
UAMCC Transition Team

PressurePros 01-04-2009 07:09 PM

UAMCC Pressure Washing Association
A big THANK YOU to everyone that has stepped up to the plate. This will be an ongoing intiative so if you find the time and would like to become immortalized (LOL a tad dramatic, I know) within the pages of a nationwide organization, we could still use your talents.

StainlessDeal 01-15-2009 10:53 AM

Bump Bump!
Just a little bump and a little more guidance.

We have had a ton of submissions, and I thank all of you that have sent anything at all. We have a great deal of excellent writers out there, and it is gratifying to see how much interest there is in participating in this.

Quite a few of you have written looking for more guidance on exactly what we need and want these articles to be. Here is a more detailed list of topics we are looking for specifically:

• The Benefits of Using Low Pressure (customer benefit perspective)
• How To Choose A Cleaning Contractor
• Something similar to
(dissuading DIY'ers or at the least alerting them as to what’s involved)
• Benefits for property managers in using a professional service
• Utilizing the UAMCC to hire a contractor
• Articles on mold, artillery fungus, gloecapsa magma (sp)
• Types of machines/rigs for a professional
• How to sell a commercial job
• How to sell residential work
• How to reach target markets in both resi and commercial
• Articles on using Quick Books, Act!, and other business management software

We are looking for between 400-700 words. Since these contributions are going to be edited to meet design and SEO considerations, a little longer is probably better than a little shorter, but the range above is optimum. Also due to SEO considerations, we need these articles to be new to the web. Anything published and indexed before may as well be a blank page to Google.

We have changed our approach just a bit, and now we are looking for articles aimed at contractors for their sections of the site, and other articles on the same subjects, for inclusion in the general public section.

In other words, if you think you can write an article aimed at informing either of these groups, we need that kind of content. Trying to serve both masters in one article has proven awkward and unwieldy for our design purposes.

Again, we thank everybody that has submitted so far, I have been buried under a pile of PMs, emails, and submissions, as well as some very interesting phone calls in the last few days. It is a real pleasure to communicate with so many of you. To assist in making myself available to anybody interested in this project, I will tell you here that anytime you see me on any of the boards, I will take your call. If I don’t answer, I probably am already on the phone, so leave me a voicemail, and I will return the call whenever you wish. Just let me know how I can help you participate.

Thanks again everybody!
Scott Millen
UAMCC Transition Team

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