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missannienow 10-19-2018 08:30 AM

Another Need to Vent Thread!
I recently picked up a new couple. Husband and wife in the 80's, and both use walkers. Thhome had not been cleaning thoroughly in perhaps 3 years. When I first spoke to the woman, I sensed she has memory problems. She kept repeating herself. I expected the home to be a total disaster, but it wasnt when I cleaned it the first time. The kitchen was actually pretty tidy but the bathrooms were not and dust had piled up everywhere. The woman had told me she was asking for me to wash her sheets and put clean ones on the bed. I explained that I could do that but it adds on TIME. Since she can NOT make the bed, she told me she wanted me to do it anyway.
It took 5 hours to get the home clean. I would guess normally (once its under control) it might take 3 or even 4 hours. The woman paid me but made it plain she was upset about the cost. Okay. Since we had already discussed my hourly rate and why it would take longer the first cleaning, I was slightly annoyed but did not let that show.

She emailed a few days later, repeating the same concern. "It took too long! We cannot afford 5 hours." I explained all over again what I just told you. Okay. Then a few days after that email I got yet another one saying the same darn thing! So I had to once again try to explain to her why it would not take as long the next time.

I am going there today and kind of dreading it because I have a hunch I will run into the entire silly issue again. I am an RN who worked with elderly patients for many years but I am not working as a nurse now! NOR do I want to. I think she has early dementia. It is obvious to me (and her daughter) that she does need help, but I cannot give her help for free. Get the picture? Any tips for dealing with this????

missannienow 10-26-2018 08:33 AM

The second cleaning went quite well. I think she is finally getting it that what I told her was true. The second time, it only took 3.5 hours and I was actually starting to pack up my supplies. But the woman asked me if I could dust her AC intake vent. I reminded her about her budget and her answer was "But I WANT you to work 4 hours!" LOL!

I have picked up another customer who is about 80 and obviously has memory issues. Dead giveaways on that are that her daughter has set her phones up to auto dial the important people in her life as she cannot remember them! She is a very nice lady and I am to clean her home for the first time today. (IF she remembers!)

missannienow 12-12-2018 04:50 PM

Updates and other issues
The customer I mention above - she called me again and I once again got her home really nice and clean. Her dog sheds a LOT and the entire floor was covered in white fur plus dust and who knows what else. I did a super job. She told me she wanted me to clean every other week. I got home, and called her dau in law and suggested perhaps SHE pay for every other week, making it weekly. The woman is elderly, uses a cane, and has frequent falls. She cannot possibly clean. The lady said it sounded good but she wanted to run it through blood relatives. Okay./ Two days later she calls and says the woman no longer wants a cleaning person! OH come on... this elderly lady can barely remember what day it is! Okay. I call the actualy customer and she tells me some friends (neighbors) are going to help her. I give up!!!!! DONE.

But because I am a professional, if she calls again IO will once again get her home nice and clean.

Today I cleaned the mobile home of an elderly couple. People I really like and they cannot afford bi weekly, so they call when cleaning is needed. I did a bang up good job. As I was finishing mopping the kitchen, the woman (who uses a walker) knocked my vacuum over. DUH! The dust cup flew open and deposited four hours of icky stuff on my WET kitchen floor. I felt like either crying or throwing something fragile just to make noise! LOL! I ended up using her broom to sweep up the mess and re-mopping the damn floor. Plus she and her walker had walked across the still wet floor, leaving footprints.

I am sure many of you have similar issues. Wish more people would share their own personal disasters and mistakers. No one is perfect.

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