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Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Same here...but I dilute mine 60% water- 40% vinegar....with only a slightly dampened mop.
And some flavour: some nutmeg aroma

Best Regards
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Hardwood flooring is one of the best features in a home.To refresh your hardwood floors and make them look like new, you will need:
* Light sanding screen
* Broom
* Shovel
* Mop
* Mop bucket
* Fan (s)
* Duster
* Polyurethane
* Sponge Brush
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According to me, Hardwood flooring is a better than other flooring and it is also my most favourite flooring. Hardwood flooring is a very attractive as well as nice flooring. It is very cheaper flooring than other flooring
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Bona is something that I've been using...
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Here are some quick tips from me:

1. To avoid making scratches use good quality broom with soft bristles.
2. Regular brooming can be also be followed by regular use of a vacuum cleaner.
3. Buy good quality mop in your home and before cleaning dampen it well so that the water is not dripping from it.
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Originally Posted by t.peterson View Post

I have personally found that with the darker wood and laminate floors that the thing that works best for us and leaves the least amount of lint and streaks is a good microfiber mopping system.

She-mops (the ones with the cotton covers) leave lint and regular mops streak.

BTW - murpheys oil soap was orginally intended for non-finished floors made of wooden planks. Our floors now have poly-urethane on them and the soap in murpheys if not completely rinsed off will leave a haze that detracts from appearance as well as attracts dirt
I have used Murphy's oil soap for cleaning wood floors for years. But REAL wood. It needs to be properly diluted or it will leave a haze sometimes. Sometimes just plain water is good enough with a microfiber mop. Murphy's is supposed to be absorbed by wood but engineered wood (or finished wood) like laminate is plastic and the Morphy's just floats on the surface. We will use water with a light amount of glass cleaner (non toxic) in a spray bottle. Sometimes we do the paper towel test, and if the floor is still dirty, we'll use more water and go a few more passes.
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Ok, I need some help. Got a job cleaning new construction, I got everything covered except the hardwood floor. They are prefinished and I need HELP! There is glue all over them along with gluey, dirty footprints. I tried a light minerl spirit mop and finish w/ water. It is just not working. I can't get down and scrub every square inch w/ a scrubbee and mineral spirits?! There has got to be a better way. I have a microfiber head mop, someone please I need the work but am at a loss.
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We have fantastic results using Neutral Floor Cleaner from Brulin. We use it on ALL types of flooring and it leaves no streaks or build up.
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Use only microfiber mop and definately use special spray or clean water (distilled)
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RE:Best For Hardwood Floors??

Start the cleaning process by first dusting the floor with a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent to pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair that might scratch the floor surface. For weekly or biweekly cleaning, vacuum with a floor-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner or an electric broom. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment, which can scratch a wood floor's finish. For quick dusting, use disposable electrostatic cloths, available at grocery and discount stores. Save money by using both sides of the disposable cloths.
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I know this post is old, but let me say if a house keeper ever uses Orange Glo/Mop n Glo/Bona polish on my floors again, I will make them pay.
In a brand new, custom built house with hardwood floors throughout, the cleaning girls used mop n glo on them. It smelled great and was pretty...for like a day. Then the wax showed every scratch, piece of dirt, etc. After pouring straight ammonia, and scraping with an ice scraper for 17 hours in JUST the kitchen, I was furious. I've since built several more homes, and every time I have someone clean I make it known to ONLY use a water and vinegar mix on the wood floors.
Now I'm moving into my boyfriends, which has been polished with Orange glo, and we're spending a fortune to have the wood floors stripped, because I just cant live with those horrible floors.
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This answer will depend a lot upon the type of floor you are trying to clean. I would like to say that one of the modest and coolest methods of keeping the hardwood floor spotless and making it last a long time is to - vacuum it regularly. A gentle touch is one of the best ways to clean hardwood flooring. Vacuums and wet mops are ideal for getting dirt. When youíre using a mop, remember that water and wood donít mix! With over 25 years of experience in commercial cleaning, I would suggest you can clean floors either by hand or by High-speed polishing, waxing and sealing, honing and grinding. Hope it will help you.

Momentum Janitorial Inc.
Premium provider of commercial janitorial services
Southern California
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Originally Posted by SunSet View Post
You are right Torrey. Bon Ami was on my mind due to another thread. Thank you for correcting my mistake.

I learned my lesson well.

You can't ask your buddy or another cleaning company (that is where I was taught to use Murphy's Oil which is also a big no-no) or employees at Home Depot/Lowes.... ask an expert. Take the time to go to business specializing in the products. I would have been making really good money if I divide the time it took me to go see a specialist vs the money I had to hand out for someone elses hardwood floors.

Another area I see mistakes being made is with marble. Many clean marble with vinegar - this is a huge mistake - for more info . Do not clean marble with any product that has acid. You may be buying your customer a new marble counter top.

Learning something the (VERY) hard way must have hurt a lot. I feel for you.
I am having a tiny problem with cleaning marble floors. Maybe someone can tell me how to do it better. I use a floor cleaner okay for stone. Which cleans just fine. The problem is that when the floor dries, I see water marks. I now dry mop again right after cleaning to avoid this, but wonder how to eliminate it entirely?
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We make a handmade String mop that you only have to use water with. The material that it is made from does all the work with just water. We sell them at many Home and Garden shows in CA and TX. We also make Reusable covers that fit right over your swiffer and many other apparatuses out of the same material so you no longer have to buy the refills anymore, which saves a ton of money in the long run. The material will last you years and years. If you would like to see our products, we sell them on our website below

our website is:
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May I ask, what is it made of?

One of my problems with Swiffer mops is that in order to truly clean, you cannot use their pads. They are expensive, for one thing. The wet pads - UGH! Sticky nasty icky. I use washcloths, but would like to find a microfiber product that is NOT expensive. Microfiber is easier on all floors but especially on
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The material that we make our mops out of is a microfilament, it is a polyester and nylon blend put together with high pressure water. The best part about the material is that it doesn't streak or drop lint like microfiber does, and most importantly, you only need water. Our material is very soft to touch, many of our customers even tell us that it kinda fells like suede. The material will also last you a very long time (2-3 years with everyday use) so it's also a very durable material. We manufacture the material in white and grey and we also have the material in a cloth form so you can wipe down all of your mirrors and windows with just water.
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I agree with most of the comments about Murphy's. It smells nice but leaves a sticky film. I stopped using it after I had tried it twice.

Some people use glass claners with water for this type floor. Be sure the glass cleaner does not have ammonia in it! UGH! I have used ordinary non-ammonia on laminate flooring with good success.
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post #59 of Old 11-02-2017, 11:46 PM
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This forum has been very helpful! The use of wood flooring has become more common in facilities such as retail stores, restaurants and hotels. Therefore, it should be clean regularly using a soft sweeper, a dust mop or a vacuum. Flooring material can be different; therefore you cannot use the same material for all surfaces. As a professional cleaner, I can suggest floor should be clean regularly. With the right tools and techniques, youíll be able to keep your floors looking their best. At Momentum Janitorial, we use several methods for cleaning the floor, like High-speed polishing, Waxing and sealing, Grinding and honing. Nice sharing.

Momentum Janitorial Inc.
Premium provider of commercial janitorial services
Southern California
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I've only been cleaning houses for others 4 months now. All my customers have hard wood floors. I've used Orange Glow and Bona, but my customers are concerned with build up on their floors. I've decided to try vinegar and water for regular cleanings and then a good wooden floor cleaner once every two or three months to keep it shinny. I mentioned the vinegar and water to a customer who had questions because the Bona seemed to leave a residue, and their concern with the vinegar is that it would strip the floors shine.

Any information about the vinegar stripping the floor or which product I should occasionally use?
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