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Advice plzz RANT Seriously need advice ty :)

Big printing facility
Client for nearly 4 yrs
M-F routine jani services

Just a small visual of one of the area's we service in this facility

Non-Production W/M's bathroom's (1 each)

Clients daily checklist looks like the following

Empty Trash
Clean Urinals
Clean Toilets
Clean Stall walls (tiled/painted)
Clean Sinks
Replenish paper/soap & sanitary products

1x's Wkly task includes the following

Here's what it REALLY looks like

1. Empty trash, replace liner & clean/disinfect trash can lids ( we do not have a brute container on a dolly like most places would so we hand carry every bag to a big trash bin located about 40ft away from the bathrooms.

2. Clean, dry, disinfect & polish afterwards (if residue is present due to the use of LYSOL which I do not recommend using) toilets & urinals top-bottom in/out & top - bottom tiled & metal painted partition walls, stainless steel hand rails- toilet paper dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers, stall doors & frames.

3. Clean & polish formica vanity w/3 sinks & stainless steel faucets & mirror the length of the vanity.

4. Clean & polish white tiled walls surrounding the vanity to include any soap scum built up from the overnight/day shift (we're only allowed to come in on 3pm-11pm or 11pm -4am)

5. Wet wipe & disnfect fronts of entry doors x2

6. Wet wipe walls under paper towel dispensers (residue from employee hands usually slung all over the wall white flat painted wall---- YUK)

7. Wet wipe the top of the tiled base & crevices (caulking) along the wall by the soap/paper towel dispensers (again residue from employee hands) Oh... cleanup sheet rock dust the maintenance left behind in the joints of the tile & behind the entry doors 3x's last week :( rock salt in winter months & mud/grass during rainy days

8. Replenish soaps, paper & sanitary products (toilet paper holder is suppose to use the coreless rolls BUT they buy the corded rolls & the holders are installed incorrectly on the walls so they fill up with shavings from the core & that falls on the flooring

9. Empty, clean, dry & disinfect 3 sanitary boxes (the boxes are not big enough so i always have to shove my GLOVED hand down in the box to remove the contents; usually I just pull them off the walls, empty, clean & replace. Its a chore in itself :(

10. LASTLY, sweep (even though the check list requires the floor to be swept 1x's a week) the tiled floors to include under every locker with a broom that I have to shove under them because its literally to big to just glide under them, oh and of course I can't forget about all the SHOES on the floor that I must maneuver in order to actually sweep the floor again yet another issue I've addressed several times but nothing comes of it & then FINALLY there's the mopping and believe it or not this is in fact the EASIEST part of the entire process! Oh but the employee's will walk in even while I'm mopping- however they do apologize lol Simply put the person I go to won't take measures to stop this from happening and I'm not allowed to do anything except smile and move on. I requested a closed for cleaning sign and was told no they'd just rather allow the employee's entrance. CRAZY but I've gotten to the point where it's WHATEVER I clean it once and I'm out!

Weekly -Remember their checklist simply says DUST but here's what I've found myself doing over the years
I pull out the very crappy extendable duster, shake it off the best I can, high/ low dust the entire bathroom & joining locker room which includes the walls, tops of the stall frames, doors, lockers, dispensers and any other horizontal/vertical exterior surfaces I can reach with the duster. The reason I do this you ask >>>> I've tried getting away with performing a basic routine dusting but it just accumulates so quickly it must receive this sorta service otherwise it would be HELL to clean. Also, the guy will send me an email/or text/pic msg. For ex: I got a pic msg of one of the soap dispensers which had just a tad bit of dust (ink facility so very typical) and he said it doesn't look like these have been dusted so can you please make sure it gets done. Meanwhile I'm over here like WTF! Are you kidding me, they were cleaned on Monday and you want me to clean them again on Wednesday! Seriously com'on!

SOOOO WHAT SAY YOU? How do I get this under control? It has to stop, the guy just ask me today to pickup shoes place on shoe rack once a week to thoroughly clean the floors. This is just a smidgen of what I have made exceptions to. I simply do NOT want to make another exception so I need solid sound advice from ppl that are in the business please
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I know you posted this a few weeks ago. My suggestion is to block the door with your cart to help slow the traffic in and out. If that is not possible then put a door kick in the door and wet floor sign in the way. As for the shoes all over the floor if there is a bench in the area put them up on it to get them out of your way.

One of the problems I have when dealing with commercial clients is the contact person many times is not the person who signed the contract. The contact person has no idea what is in the
contract and what has been agreed upon.

It doesn't hurt to respond in an email and remind them. As per the contract I am only required to do dusting once per week. As I am sure you are aware the ink dust gets everywhere and in order to keep it under control I have been dusting 5 times a week vs the contract of 1 time a week. The other issue is the employees leaving their personal items (shoes) on the floor making it very difficult for me to clean the floor properly and in a timely manner. At this time because of all the multiple extra requests I must adjust my cleaning rate to .....

If this is your own business why don't you buy a brute with wheels to use?

I will go above and beyond for many clients but I have a rule of thumb that once that above and beyond hits the 30 min mark consistently the rate must be negotiated again. I also cushion all my contracts time wise to start with because I know how quickly requests start happening.
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GCS... many of us had or have customers like the one you are posting about. Perhaps keeping track of THE ACTUAL TIME you spend cleaning the areas/rooms/surfaces mentioned in your post to see what you are ACTUALLY GETTING PAID per hour or minute. Then compare it to your original bid. Then as Lysol Fairy said, decide how much more you want to put into this account or ask for an increase or move on.
I had a non profit customer that frequently complained about the conference table never being cleaned, I'd clean it, inspect it, clean any missed spots and clean those and they would still complain. I even took pics of the cleaned table. Yes, they still complained. I finally bought a Spherego & Pad Tool.. that seemed to have stopped the complaints. That is my last suggestion, look at the tools you are using, is there another tool you could use that would save you time and do a better job?
Brad BD Janitorial
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Everyone has troublesome customers. This just comes with the business. I decided a while back to simply part ways with truly difficult customers. Life is too short to be constantly annoyed on the job.

Just one question. Why do you dislike Lysol so much? I know I do because it smells just awful to me.
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I know it can be painful, but sometimes you gotta let some clients go as in kick them to the curb.
Can you replace the job with a few other jobs and get better money plus a happier client? A happier you?Yes?
Then move on.You don't need to be miserable, and cleaning is hard work! those of us that have done it and are doing it know that.

I have had a few jobs/clients where every time I had to go I was dreading it.Keep in mind that when you are looking for new clients
don't just let them pick you, you are supposed to be checking them out to see if it's a good fit for both of you, and if you find that you made a bad choice. Move on...
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Well said!!!
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