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Template for a cleaning Quote/Bid

I am a residential cleaner who was offered to do a bit of janitorial work for a friends new business and he has asked me to give him a quote. I normally just charge by the hour for residential and never have to give a quote by paper or email...... I was wondering if there is a basic template for square footage quoting.... I have an idea of what I am charging per square but am still very ignorant on it all and how to present to the company.... Any advice is great....
Thanks in Advance.
Oh and I went on Monday for the "tour" and he didn't care when I have him the quote by.... What is the ideal time frame??
As well as would like others square footage cost?? This job is basically just vacuuming about 1000 sq ft and then about 1000 sq ft of 4 bathrooms....
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How much do you charge per hour in residential?

For those that read this in the future.... what ever the answer is for 5star about the hourly rate, it has NOTHING to do with you. 5star run it's business and you run yours. How 5star cleans might be totally different than you clean so that is why most cleaning companies fail... they always want to know what others charge and adapt that to their business when there is no way it can work for you.
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HI guys - thanks very much for posting this info.
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5Star.. for commercial bids.. I take several blank sheets of paper and draw the layout of each area with measurements. count bookcases file cabs, window sills, interior glass etc, # of desks, trash & recycle, cubicles? open areas? kitchen/breakroom? microwave? fridge? counter? sink? RR--what condition? rings in toilets? water marks under towel dispenser, urine stains on floor? who orders supplies? Vents clogged w/dust?

When I get home I make a spreadsheet in Excel
Offices 5 5 desks 4 trash 4 recycle 10 minutes to clean 10 minutes to vacuum 6 file cabs 3 minutes 1 minutes trash 1 minute recycle
Breakroom 1 sink 6ft counter 1 microwave 1 fridge 5 minutes to clean 5 minutes to dry & wet mop floor 1 minute wipe tables
Int glass
door glass
Total up the time
Brad bd janitorial.com
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estimated clean time x # of cleaning days per week x your hourly rate x 52 weeks divided by 12 = monthly price
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If you have your own cleaning service, or are just starting out, one thing you need to know is how to write a bid for cleaning a property. Although writing a bid for a commercial and residential property may seem different, both share common elements, such as the amount of time required for each service, cleaning materials and room sizes. This makes the bid procedure similar and allows you to prepare one central bid form to use for multiple bid jobs.

Step 1
Schedule an appointment to view the property. Walk through with the owner and ask about the services that may be required. Write down all pertinent information, such as how many rooms, types of rooms and cleaning required.

Step 2
Calculate your hourly rate based on several factors, such as your expertise, length of service, need for a new client, convenience of the work and your reputation in the business.

Related Reading: How to Write a Bid for Contractor Work

Step 3
Review the written information. Assess a price for each separate service with a time estimate. Evaluate the cleaning supply cost.

Step 4
Total the cost. Add a profit margin that the market will bear. Find this out by calling competitors and requesting a quote on a similar property.

Step 5
Type up the bid. Place "Bid for Property XYZ" on the top of the page. Itemize each service per room and the cost. Compute the total amount.

Step 6
State payment methods and time payment is due. Include a section for non-covered items, such as windows. Add a clause with your guarantee, if any. Give the bid to the prospective client.

concrete driveways cost
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"Step 4
Total the cost. Add a profit margin that the market will bear. Find this out by calling competitors and requesting a quote on a similar property."

This is the most silliest thing that I have heard now and I've been hearing it for 17+ years. What on Earth does another cleaning company have to do with YOUR prices? I'll tell you exactly what ANY market will bear..... what ever price YOU are good enough to sell them at! This isn't just air blowing out of my (*), I've started many businesses and I have no idea what the 'market can bear' in any of them.

If this were the case let me tell you about a business I had. the only reason I didn't scale it is because I am greedy and wanted more profit than what I was good enough to sell.

I used to buy used washers and dryers from Craigslist. I'd buy them for $125-$175, then I'd turn around and put them right back on Craigslist for $395. But wait.... the Craigslist market was bearing $125-$175 so according to these people that want you to call others about something that has nothing to do with YOUR business, there is NO WAY I could more than DOUBLE the price I bought them for.

In the carpet cleaning business I used to charge $ .50 per s f. One day a guy found out and freaked out because others in the area were charging $ .27 or
$ .29 per s f. How could I get double what others were getting? Well, because I was good enough to SELL it to them.

We didn't get a house cleaning job this morning because we bid the 1 time clean at $350 but he found someone to do it for $45....... $45!!! So does the market bear $45? Hell no, 2 hours after we lost that one we gained another at $370.
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Thanks for providing such a useful information. Hope to get some more information in future also. nonhazardous degreaser cleaner

Alvin Phill
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$45 for a 1x clean. lol That happened to me a few times in commercial. My bid was a LOW $175 on a small office building, someone else said $80. So I drove by that night to see who it was. All I saw was a beat up mini van, with magnets on the side that said 2 sister and a broom ( or something like that). Did they have insurance ??? Were they using commercial cleaning chemicals? Oh well. It happens
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You reminded me of my favorite business name I've ever seen. I was driving in Overland Park, Kansas and saw a magnet sign on the back of a pick up.....

2 Hoes & A Rake

I'm guessing it was 2 females doing lawncare?
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LOL Thats cool I like seeing when people actually take time out to come up with a good business name.
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In my town, 3 Landscaping companies opened up in the last 2 years. Want to guess the names?

4 Seasons
All Seasons
Any season

I drive 2 hrs to visit my mom, saw two companies while I was down there. lol 4 seasons, all seasons. Just different logos and company colors.
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Office Cleaning Bid Proposal for

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing::SenderCompany:: to prepare and submit to you an Office Cleaning Bid Proposal in respect of ____________________ [NAME OF LOCATION/BUILDING FOR WHICH PROPOSAL IS SUBMITTED].
We wish to provide you with a brief history about our Company to better assist you in your decision making with respect to our proposal. Our Company was founded in _______ [YEAR] and provides _________________________________ [DESCRIBE WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES] services.
Each and every one of our professional cleaners/janitors are thoroughly trained in respect to each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved.
Our Company’s goal is to professionally clean and service each of our customer’s facilities and buildings to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible.
At ::SenderCompany::, we understand that our customers want as few hassles as possible and therefore ::SenderCompany:: shall provide strong management and direction for each project to ensure services are delivered to you in a smooth and hassle free manner.
We look forward to the opportunity to service your needs and become a valued partner in maintaining and improving the appearance and cleanliness of your business/building/facilities.

plant hire melbourne http://www.calconstructions.com.au/p...ire-melbourne/
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cleaning bids

I believe it is important to find out what the competition is charging, although you may have your set hourly rate its always advisable to find out what the mickey mouse companies may be charging. We have also experienced such cases were some small companies take contracts because of a very low bid, you would even wonder if they make a profit out of it.
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Hello Everybody!

I'm new here. My name is Jake and I'm from NJ. I just started a cleaning business at the beginning of March. We did a couple jobs here and there already. To bid on a job at an empty 2 bedroom unit that needed to be cleaned, I just googled templates and made up my own one with the info I saw online. We figured the job will take us 4-5 hours and we went with a $500 quote plus tax. We could probably quote more but just starting out I am quite happy with where we stand. I got a call a few hours later that it was accepted. We're doing the job today. I think the template that I designed sealed the deal. It's not a single page. It's quite formal. We're a small business with a few customers but as long as your quotes and business cards look professional, and you act professional- people will want to do business.
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Here present a example of a template for a cleaning Quote/Bid:-

Commercial Cleaning Bid Sheet

Commercial Cleaning Service Bid Form

[Your Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP]
Phone: [(000)-000-0000]

Prepared by: [Salesperson]

Account Name:
[Contact Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP]

We Hereby Submit Estimates For The Following:

Terms and Conditions:

1. Cleaning Supplies To Perform This Service Will Be Supplied By:________________________________________

2. The Terms Of This Agreement Will Take Place: _________________ Time(s) Per ________________

3. Total Costs of Service Will Be: $_______ and payable on ____/____/______

Quoted By: ________________________________

Acceptance of Proposal- The above prices and specifications are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorized to do the work as described above to do the work in a timely and professional manner. Payment will be made on the date described above.

__________________________________________________ __
Signature of Acceptance and Date

House Cleaning Perth
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All of the proposal components above are very important. I also find that adding "Equipment Capabilities" and "Suggested Schedule" on the proposal make us stand out of the competition. You don't have to exactly add these 2 sections but put yourself in your client's shoes and think of why they should choose you, not the other 10 cleaning companies that have very similar proposals.
Good Luck!

Kathleen Doyle
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