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Virus, Supplies, Employees and Clients Oh My!!

As I am sure many of you out there are as frustrated as I am.

I cannot find anywhere hand sanitizer, toilet paper, tissues for my clients, especially my Dr. Offices and gloves.

I did get lucky and managed to find 4 cases of TP that should be delivered today but
it was constant online searching. Do I keep searching for next month or will this all calm down?

Some of my clients have closed their doors to the general public, some are still open and others have closed
but neglected to inform me. Those who have closed will still be cleaned and billed until they notify me.

New employee rules are gloves must be put on before entering a building and removed before exiting or getting in car.
Do not come to work if they feel they have been exposed or are feeling unwell in any way.
Most of my employees either work alone or in small teams of 2 or 3.

The gloves as you well know will not protect you from the virus but it is a visual reminder to keep your hands
away from your face. Masks are useless so not required to wear.

I have given my employees the option to stay home if they choose. So far none have opted to.

How are you all fairing out there?
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And the latest is saying it could be transmitted through fecal matter.

Courtesy Of Kaivac

While many building managers and cleaning professionals are focused on the fact that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is spread by inhaling germs or touching contaminated surfaces, new evidence from China indicates it can also be spread by fecal-oral transmission.

The research was conducted by Dr. Hong Shan of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital, at Sun Yat-Sen University, in Zhuhai, China.

Shan and his staff were one of the first medical teams to recognize that the SARS virus of the early 2000s could also be spread by fecal-oral transmission.

Shan's latest research uncovered the following:

- A large percentage of coronavirus patients experienced diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort before the onset of respiratory symptoms.

- The genetic material associated with the coronavirus, RNA, was detectable in fecal samples.

- Fecal-oral transmission can last even after a patent has recovered from the virus.

Commenting on the research, Peter Hotez, MD, at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, says that many of the patients in China later were diagnosed with COVID-19 "were [first] admitted to surgical wards and thought to have abdominal emergencies."

This is further indication that the virus may follow the fecal-oral route, says Bob Robinson, Sr., CEO and founder of Kaivac.

"This means we must focus more of our cleaning efforts to stop the spread of this infection in restrooms, says Robinson. "That's the only way to break this cycle of transmission."

Additionally, Robinson recommends the following:

- If manually cleaning restroom fixtures, remind cleaning workers of the two-step process: first clean surfaces then disinfect.

- Should the disinfectant dry on a surface, it must be re-applied.

- Cleaning cloths and mops should be changed frequently. In fact, they should be chanced after cleaning each restroom.

- If using no-touch cleaning systems, select a concentrated no-rinse, hospital-use disinfectant; the two-step process is not necessary using the no-touch cleaning method, which should further speedup restroom cleaning.

"Also, cleaning professionals must realize there has never been a time in our history when proper and effective cleaning is needed more, says Robinson. "This is our time to prove our value and the value of clean."
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So far I have had 1 Clean/Disinfect My Warehouse for Covid 19 request. 1 of their employees had/suspected to have Covid 19. I turned down the offer as I don't have a Bunny Suit/Full Body protection gear and not sure what to charge for that service. I looked into a disinfectant fogger/mister and the product I looked at was back ordered and $600 for the mister and $800 for the disinfectant unit.
As customers go, 1 full closure & restart when it's safe to restart and 1 closure and 1 we will pay you 1/2 pay for remainder of March and after that not sure and 1 cut back to 2x month. So far I count myself lucky.
The Toilet Paper is an issue, I ordered some from Jon Don 2 weeks ago and it will be delivered this week or that's what they said. I ordered a case of T P from Walmart and it will be delivered Tuesday--I forgot that I had ordered it 2 weeks ago. I did get a 12 roll Mega pack from Amazon Business to be delivered by Friday. I noticed Amazon mostly only has Chinese knock off brands--4 Ply Kitchen Bathroom T.P./Towels? I didn't buy any.
My email box will be full of spam emails from Janitorial Suppliers online, where you had to fill out an order form just to find out the product was out of stock or delayed 3-4 week shipping.
I get House Cleaning offers from Bark, I noticed most of them are for Deep Cleaning... I don't do house cleaning...But did get 1 warehouse pre move in job offer from Bark, but turned it down.
Stay Safe Out There Hopefully this be over soon. Brad BD Janitorial
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Keep kalm. It's not so dangerous virus!

Housewife with experience
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Cool Everything Is Gone....But I was Prepared

I went to a few places and the aisles were completely empty. I finally learned to go early in the morning and found a shipment come in. But that was a week ago. It's gotten crazier. Hope this all ends soon!
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I would not worry about that right now. Your cleaning business may start to go downhill anyway due to Covid 19 fears. Nor do you want to expose yourself or your employees to something this risky. Everyone wishes we had the basic supplies to fend off this virus, but unfortunately a lot of greedy people bought all of that stuff up and are now selling it online or elsewhere. As the experts keep telling us, its time now to stay home - and stay safe. I am doing that, and only go out if I need groceries or a prescription filled.
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Masks aren't useless or medical personnel would not wear them and neither are gloves.If someone who is sick sneezes and you don't have a mask on you get direct contact with the sneeze. With a mask, there is some separation.I opt for the mask,and gloves.I've been doing both.
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My New Covid 19 Routine is to disinfectant wipe all touch surfaces 1st before I get started with the normal routine cleaning. Maybe going overboard with only using a disinfectant cleaner on all restroom surfaces and might switch over to the steam machine for larger customers with larger restrooms.
Did see online that 158 degree heat/steam to kill the virus but after each surface was 1st sanitized with a disinfectant 1st--what the cruise ship cleaning crew were doing. See the link below.
Brad BD Janitorial
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In the UK and Europe, the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants is BS EN 1276 which proves a bacteria kill rate of 99.999% within 5 minutes.

I work for Fantastic Services and they recently started offering Antiviral Sanitisation services using BS EN 1276 certified detergents and the cleaners wear full protective gear. You can read more here:
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Here is an interesting scenerio. One building had an employee (NOT MY EMPLOYEE) who 2 days after we cleaned there started feeling unwell. He has since been tested
but results not in yet. It was suggested to us that we err on the side of caution and wear masks to keep everyone we
come into contact with safe.

We go to another building don our gloves and masks before entering. Asked why we had them explained
what had happened and we are unsure if we even came into contact sick person but we were trying to be safe for anyone
we came into contact with.

Get a call today from that building asking us not to return until we know the test results. Reason is it made the employees of the building nervous.

Now today our Governor has just put out a state wide request that we all wear masks when outside of our home. When I brought this to the
attention of management at the building that asked us not to return, their response was "all our employees have masks, it is optional for them to wear"
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You all still have a job? Happy you. I've been sitting home for almost 3 weeks because my boss shut down our company. I don't know if it is related to Covid-19 to be honest, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that all of my savings are almost drained and I don't have any source of income. It brings me down. I really don't know what to do. One of my friends told me that I can start gambling by taking the advice from this site. I don't know... I have a good poker face, but will it help in online poker?

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Hopefully you have applied for unemployment. Were you a residential or commercial cleaner?
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To Self Employed / Independent Contractors effected by Covid 19
From article below

You Can Collect Unemployment Benefits
Ordinarily, independent contractors cant collect unemployment from their state unemployment insurance agency when they are out of work. This is because they are not employees and ordinarily do not pay unemployment taxes.
However, the Coronavirus Aid, Response, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) passed by Congress makes independent contractors and gig workers eligible for unemployment for the first time. The CARES Act Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program also increases the maximum unemployment benefit by $600 per week through July 31 and extends coverage by an additional 13 weeks, to a maximum of 39 weeks. You need to apply through your state unemployment office. Each state has its own eligibility requirements, benefit amounts, and application procedures.
Link to article

Brad BD Janitorial
P.S. I have heard that some states are not yet up to speed with this Newly Passed Legislation--The Cares Act---so you may have to apply or reapply or check your state's unemployment website for updates or more details.
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Due to COVID-19 people are more worried about cleaning and disinfection of their homes so they can stay safe. So if you're looking for a cleaning company that provides quality services not only for just cleaning but also for disinfection you can contact the professional house cleaning services.
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Over time things should calm down.
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Yeah! COVID-19 also had represents the first global cataclysm of the digital and hyper-connected age. It has shut down vast swathes of national economies, with a handful in lockdown and quarantine starting to reopen a few sectors. It’s changing the world as we know it and will have a profound impact for many years to come. Here is more information about it

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