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Originally Posted by CleaningTalk View Post

No business can survive without customers, but sometimes finding the right customer can be difficult. Many modern businesses make use of social media platforms to reach their target audience, but this marketing method is not the best option for all business. Keep reading to learn whether social media might work for your cleaning company and, if so, how to do it right.

Does Social Media Work for Cleaning Companies?

According to a poll conducted by The Janitorial Store, just 26% of cleaning businesses are present on social media, but they do not use it to actively promote their business. Another 18% of cleaning business have no social media presence. While you may not automatically associate social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a cleaning business, the truth is that any business can use social media as part of their marketing platform.

Social media presence is just another way to reach your target audience, to spread awareness about your business, and to generate leads. As more and more businesses step up their online marketing game, if you don’t start using social media for your cleaning business, you are going to fall behind.

Tips for Using Social Media to Find Leads

Before you can learn how to effectively use social media for your cleaning business, you need to know why social media presence is important. For one thing, having a social media presence can get you “discovered” by potential customers who previously didn’t know you existed. It also gives your current customers an easy way to stay in touch, keeping you in the forefront of their minds for all of their cleaning needs. Basically, a strong social media strategy can help you to keep your current customers and to gain new ones. In fact, being present on social media enables you to connect with a whole separate subsect of potential customers than you would gain from print ads and word of mouth.

There are a variety of different ways you can use social media to sustain and grow your customer base. For example, you can post pictures or written content (including links to your website or blog) where customers who are searching for those keywords will find them. Sharing valuable content may inspire your customers to share on their own social media profiles which means that your name is going to spread farther throughout the social media network. You can use social media to create and promote sales, contests, and special offers as well, all of which can help to grow your customer base. Social media is also a great way to stay in touch with customers – if a business is going to succeed, they need to take comments (both good and bad) from their customers and make an effort to improve.

Effective use of social media platforms is just one part of a successful online marketing strategy for your cleaning business. You need to connect all of your marketing platforms including your website and online ad placements to drive traffic to your site and to increase your customer base. Not only is social media easy to use, but it can provide some serious results!
I agree cleaning companies need social media. At present scenario all peoples engaged with social media like facebook, twitter etc. and using social media one can easily promote their business and stay in touch with your current customers.

MBA Supply Company
Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Repair Company
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I know there are many companies that are successful without it, but when you have a social presence, you create a brand name and customers will look forward to contact you, because social presence also helps to create a company's reputation. People also go after recognized names and therefore social media can help cleaning companies in many ways.
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It's definitely helpful and we've received leads from our Facebook page.
We also have a LinkedIn account and has helped a bit
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Thumbs down Yes Required!!!!

See companies need Business to show what they do and how they do. If they don't get business then it's just waste of money for everything. To get business media plays excellent role. it spread your company advertisement to all over the world in just few days then you start getting work and more business.
take the pictures and put all those pictures on social media. people see those if they like they call you. like i do on my website.
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Originally Posted by CareForStone View Post
I don't know if I would say that cleaning companies "need" to use social media. I am sure that there are many cleaning companies that are successful without it. However, it can also be a very useful way to keep your company's identity in front of existing and potential customers.

I agree. Personally, I HATE social media sites and personally do not use them. What a load of BS, IMO. Especially Twitter. Facebook - a lot of people just lie there. I dont use any of them but heck, I am older than many of you.

I would guess that social media sites COULD be useful for a cleaning business, but I would not spend any large amount of time doing this. I have found that - if you do good work, word gets around without using stuff like this. If you DONT do good work, nothing is gonna help you anyway. Word of mouth has gotten me a LOT more business than any other way. Many of my customers have been referred by other customers. I seldom LOSE a customer, also. And if I do, it isnt because of anything I did or did not do.

Just my opinion.
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Now many people research companies they hire online if you don't have any social online presence for some people it might be a red flag. If you don't have a social presence you might be losing business without realizing it.
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Well, i think social media is one of the basic thing to grow your cleaning business. Today, Social media is playing a big part in advertising of a business.
I live in Dubai and every cleaning company Dubai is using social media to promote its cleaning business.
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Most definitely - cleaning companies need social media! I would suggest choosing your favorite and not try and do it all. It takes a consistent effort and commitment to make social media work for you. For businesses I would start with LinkedIn and a Facebook page (or the reality choose the one where your customers and prospects hang out). Try and create content especially video's that help explain a little bit about who you are as a company and why you are different. Prospects do their research before they make a decision - most likely they will do a quick social media search to learn more about you - if they cant find you there, in most cases that is a red flag. Start small, do it well and post consistently. It is worth it.

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These days your presence on social media matters a lot. You need people to come to you for your services or reach your consumers easily. On social media you can share about your work and tariffs and let people be aware in your area about your carpet cleaning services. Thus, you will be able to get a lot of inquiries and customers. Social media will make you popular as well and you can stay ahead in competition too. Social media presence in today's technological world is a must for any business.
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Cleaning Services

Our cleaning system has been developed and perfected over 26 years. Dust Queen’s focus is to provide thorough and detailed house cleaning service with the goal of exceeding your expectations. Does keeping your home clean feel like a part-time job? Is it taking time away from the things you would rather be doing or the people you’d rather be spending time with? Imagine what you could do if Dust Queen was taking care of the cleaning for you…

Dust Queen has been providing home cleaning services in Edmonton and surrounding areas since 1989. Our Commitment to excellence and professionalism is why we have earned the loyalty and trust of our customers.
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Hi, All business are depends on customer, the company provide best service to all customer satisfaction so business grow up day by day. but company have own reputation on social media, that mean all cleaning companies need to social media.
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Hello everyone,
Yes, It is true that success has always been determined by the quality of connections, and it will be only possible when contact social media as it is beneficial for all types of business, it is usually better suited to brick and mortar type of businesses. Social Media is not enough, you need to hire a SEO firm because hiring quality SEO experts can truly help. Hopefully this helps you out!

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Thumbs up Cleaning company

Yes they do need! I believe now days every company needs a Social Media. Since I have opened my cleaning company I have tried many diferent techniques to market my business. And the most valuable technique for me was a Social Media.

If you want, you can check it out my site
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totally agree

Originally Posted by CareForStone View Post
I don't know if I would say that cleaning companies "need" to use social media. I am sure that there are many cleaning companies that are successful without it. However, it can also be a very useful way to keep your company's identity in front of existing and potential customers.
When was the last time you were on Facebook and someone asked for a recommendation for a hood cleaning company? I bet it's never happened in the history of the internet.

I think a strong web presence is more important than 'social media'. But maybe in some of the new niche social media like NextDoor, it would be pertinent and a good idea to be in the mix for home services. I see it in Next Door all the time, "hey, does anyone know of a good window cleaning company?" or "I like my house cleaning service, XYZ Company..."

And to top it off - social media is a time sucker. You either do it yourself or hire someone. And do you really want to turn your marketing dollars over to a twenty-something bimbo because she understands twitter? Please! Not every person that tweets or does facebook posts understands marketing or business. If they don't understand ROI but instead talk about 'followers' and 'likes' - run away. You'll be wasting your money.

Personally, I found that building a solid website with good sales copy that converts into phone calls is much more valuable than anything from social media. If I want to be the busiest hood cleaning company in Tampa, all I have to do is get my website to rank really well in the search engines and my phone is going to ring more than my competitions. Much better investment and very trackable to analyze ROI.

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"Social media is a time sucker" !!!! LOVE IT!!! I detest Facebook, Twitter, etc, and do not bother with them for this very reason.

Reading your post, I suspect one reason you stay so busy is that you sound very intelligent and honest. Most people, whether they want to admit it or not, do hire people if they speak their language fluently and spell correctly in their marketing tools. They also want to feel safe with the company they hire to work inside their homes.

I am not familiar with NextDoor, but perhaps I should take a look, WHEN I HAVE THE TIME!!! LOL!

You are in Tampa. I am in Vero Beach. So far, it seems to me that ALL of Florida's services pay less than they do up North. Is this so in Tampa???
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Are you afraid of opening your windows in fear of letting in the dust? Are you tired of having to clean your house every day? Do you fret about germs on your shiny kitchen counters? Well, worry no more! Here at Skiwee, we provide you with the best home cleaning services to cater to your needs- whatever they may be.

Choose from a wide range of services including deep home cleaning, kitchen cleaning bathroom cleaning, general cleaning and tank cleaning.

Deep Home cleaning services in Chennai
- Are you preparing for the holidays or planning a special event at home? Or do you simply feel like it’s time your home got a good cleaning? If so, our deep home cleaning services in Chennai is the perfect option for you! Deep cleaning entails a thorough, intense cleaning of your entire house. Every little nook and cranny will be disinfected, cleaned and polished to perfection.

Kitchen cleaning - Sticky counter tops and dirty floors getting the best of you? Just opt for our kitchen cleaning services and all will be well. We have a wide range of options to help you tackle those pesky food stains. Our kitchen cleaning services include:

Cleaning all cabinets.
Cleaning of appliances from outside.
Scouring your sink, cleaning of chimney and gas, cleaning of the counter area.
Mopping your floor and removing dirt in between tiles.
Cleaning of lighting fixtures.
Trash removed.
Bathroom cleaning services in Chennai
- Don’t worry about the grime on your bathroom tiles or your foggy mirror. With our bathroom cleaning services, we’ll have your bathrooms in tip top shape in no time! Our bathroom cleaning services include:

Showers cleaned and disinfected.
Tile walls cleaned and disinfected.
Trash removed.
General dusting.
Toilets cleaned and disinfected.
Vanity and sink cleaned.
Floors washed and disinfected.
Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and shined.
Cobwebs removed.
General cleaning - Do you think your house needs a little sprucing up? Do you feel the need to give it a cleaning, but just can’t seem to find the time? If that’s the case, then our general house cleaning is the service for you! Our general cleaning services include:

Dusting / vacuuming of the house.
Cleaning of floors.
Removing dust accumulation on desks, tables and bookshelves.
Cleaning of mirrors, ceiling fan and lighting fixtures.
Removal of cobwebs.
Cleaning dust from window sills and ledges.
Tank cleaning services - We all know our water tanks catch a lot more than just water- decaying leaves, dust particles, lichen or algae, and smoke/ash to name a few. Your tank could have any number of problems that you may not even be aware of, as it could all be hiding at the bottom of your tank. This can greatly reduce the quality of your water. For peace of mind don't wait till your tank is empty - get your tank cleaned today, with Skiwee’s tank cleaning services!

Call a Professional Home cleaning services in Chennai
We are dedicated to providing expert cleaning services using advanced machinery and highly effective chemicals that are one hundred percent safe. You do not have to worry about cleaning supplies because we bring our own!

Get help from Skiwee Bathroom cleaning services in Chennai
Skiwee’s services are available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is log on to our website or app, select the type of service you require, enter your location, choose the date and time, and we will do the rest!
Attached Images
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Social media is a must for any small business these days. Without a solid social media presence and organic rankings with the search engines, it's hard to scrape by in a service-based business.

Owner @

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For your business branding and reach out to the audience we need to optimize our business brand. It gives the positive sign to buy or take a service from the relevant sector. For a cleaning company, it's also very important because these days all the things going to be digital and all the services have available online. So, through social media, we can optimize cleaning companies too like others!

Apart from this, I love your content and thoughts on the same topic!

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post #40 of Old 10-21-2019, 11:39 AM
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I totally agree with tuyulks regarding backlinks. I still don't see social media as a marketing method for service businesses. I really don't think that someone goes to Facebook or twitter to find their next commercial cleaning company or to find a "hood cleaning company in Phoenix". Instead, they go to Google and search. HOWEVER, backlinks on social media are pretty powerful for getting Google to establish the value of a website. Then they will show it higher in the search results. So, for that reason, links from social media are valuable.
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