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Cricket 03-27-2018 10:31 AM

How Did You Start Your Cleaning Business?
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If you enjoy cleaning and want to be your own boss, a cleaning business might be the answer. There are several options for cleaning services, so with some research and a relatively small cash outlay, you could be the owner of a successful business, providing a much needed service. How to Start a Cleaning Business
How did YOU start your cleaning business?

What advice would you give others who might want to start one?

Happy Star Carpet Cleaner 09-20-2019 08:53 PM

I spent $250 for the first advertising and phone started calling. I did not have a clue about cleaning business but I got experience with advertising. it was 3 years ago. Now I am spending on advertising for google Adwords over $100.000 per year and everything started with only $250 from my packet. All I made from this $250 I put back in ads and I was repeating that for a few months a when I started making more then I could spend for advertising. I have a cleaning service in Chicago but I live in Florida and here I am starting Carpet cleaning services in Tampa bay area. This time I am not going to pay for google ads because cost per click for carpet cleaning its crazy. Today I finished designing my carpet cleaning website - I spent a lot of time to optimize for google SEO. I paying for SEO training so I really hope in a few months I will be on the first page of google for carpet cleaning Tampa. If my website for Tampa will show up on google 1st page I am planning to create a website for each big city in the USA. So this is the story of how I started cleaning business and story how I am starting anther cleaning business this time carpet cleaning. Advice for anybody it's simple, keep spending on advertising at least 20 % of your profit until you have not a legitimate place to spend more money on ads. Test any kind of adverting with $200 to $500 and if it is working for you, if you making money on it spend more, much more. Do your advertising by your self, learn on your own mistek learne about ads and advertising, keep asking others how they advertising and never stop adverting is bring you money.

Kian007 01-24-2020 09:46 AM

It's not started yet, but I hope that I will start my business too. I have taken a loan

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