Do Cleaning Companies Need Social Media?

Do Cleaning Companies Need Social Media?

No business can survive without customers, but sometimes finding the right customer can be difficult. Many modern businesses make use of social media platforms to reach their target audience, but this marketing method is not the best option for all business. Keep reading to learn whether social media might work for your cleaning company and, if so, how to do it right.

Does Social Media Work for Cleaning Companies?

According to a poll conducted by The Janitorial Store, just 26% of cleaning businesses are present on social media, but they do not use it to actively promote their business. Another 18% of cleaning business have no social media presence. While you may not automatically associate social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a cleaning business, the truth is that any business can use social media as part of their marketing platform.

Social media presence is just another way to reach your target audience, to spread awareness about your business, and to generate leads. As more and more businesses step up their online marketing game, if you don’t start using social media for your cleaning business, you are going to fall behind.

Tips for Using Social Media to Find Leads

Before you can learn how to effectively use social media for your cleaning business, you need to know why social media presence is important. For one thing, having a social media presence can get you “discovered” by potential customers who previously didn’t know you existed. It also gives your current customers an easy way to stay in touch, keeping you in the forefront of their minds for all of their cleaning needs.

Basically, a strong social media strategy can help you to keep your current customers and to gain new ones. In fact, being present on social media enables you to connect with a whole separate subsect of potential customers than you would gain from print ads and word of mouth.

There are a variety of different ways you can use social media to sustain and grow your customer base. For example, you can post pictures or written content (including links to your website or blog) where customers who are searching for those keywords will find them. Sharing valuable content may inspire your customers to share on their own social media profiles which means that your name is going to spread farther throughout the social media network. You can use social media to create and promote sales, contests, and special offers as well, all of which can help to grow your customer base. Social media is also a great way to stay in touch with customers – if a business is going to succeed, they need to take comments (both good and bad) from their customers and make an effort to improve.

Effective use of social media platforms is just one part of a successful online marketing strategy for your cleaning business. You need to connect all of your marketing platforms including your website and online ad placements to drive traffic to your site and to increase your customer base. Not only is social media easy to use, but it can provide some serious results!

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