How to Clean a Welding Helmet

How to Clean a Welding Helmet

Do you find yourself turning at all different angles to see through your welding helmet? Your mask takes one spatter shot at a time, and soon, you find yourself looking through what few spots remain untouched. The smoke and fumes you create while welding will eventually end up as a layer of buildup on your helmet. It’s time to clear your view so you can weld safely and effectively.

Take Care of Your Helmet

Welding will cause smoke, debris, and scratches to mar the view through your helmet. Make sure you aren’t adding to the problem by failing to protect your helmet from unnecessary harm.

Wipe down your welding helmet after every use and properly store it in a carrying bag. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy — just a sturdy bag that will protect your helmet and lens from bumps, dings, and scratches.

Clean With Detergent

Remove the cover lens from your helmet. Soak it in hot water overnight with a mild household detergent. The water and detergent will help break down the splotches and splatters on your lens. Use a scrub brush to work off the gunk and grime that have accumulated over time and use. If you still see scratches, you may have to take an extra step.

Buff It Out

You can always use your buffing wheel to remove the toughest dings and scratches. Remove the lens from your welding helmet. Attach a soft wheel to your buffing machine. Run the buffer for a bit and add a touch of buffing compound.

Apply your lens to the buffing wheel, but don’t press too hard. Let the buffer slowly work out the imperfections in your lens. It may not get crystal clear, but it will give greater visibility to your lens, and add years to its usable lifespan.

Use a Welding Service

Hire a reputable welding service to maintain your welding gear, as well as your machines. Precision welding and machining services can ensure your welding equipment is operating at exact specifications and tolerances.

You can decide what you want to maintain yourself, and hire a service to take care of the rest. The money you spend up front might save you in the long run with less downtime and increased efficiency.

Properly maintained machines and helmets you can see through will increase your shop’s ability to get the job done.

Replace Your Lenses

Depending on how much welding you do, you should have replacement lenses for your helmets available at all times. Your welding helmet is designed to protect your face and eyes from harm, and you never know when something will scratch or damage it.

While it is frugal and understandable to want to use a mask as long as possible, there may come a time when you must replace the lens of your mask to ensure your safety. Store a few extra lenses with your gear. You can always check them after the job and see if you can restore them.

Welding disturbs your vision enough without scratches, gunk, and splatter getting in the way. You can’t weld without seeing properly, so always keep your welding helmet as clean as possible.

Clean, scrub and buff your welding mask whenever possible, as long as it produces results. Don’t hesitate to replace the lens when you don’t have the luxury of time, or when your efforts to fix the problem aren’t successful. Keep working and stay safe.

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