How to Clean Dirty Sports Equipment

How to Clean Dirty Sports Equipment

When you train, go to practice or have a game, your clothes will not come back winning. Get the most out of your gear by keeping it clean. Rather than throwing your shirts into the abyss of dirty laundry on your floor or in the back of your car — get them in the wash so that you come back to practice looking fresh.

Rep Your Clique by Caring for Your Jersey

The way you look on the field represents your team. So if your number is falling off or people can smell you from the stands — even if you won the game, you lost the fans.

Make sure you don’t have any cleaning or drying limitations with your clothes first. The best way to avoid turning your baseball jersey into a crop top is to check the tag for special care instructions.

Jerseys need a little more care than your average t-shirt. Be sure to turn them inside out to keep the plastic letters or numbers from peeling off. If this is a problem that you’ve already encountered — put a piece of paper on top of the plastic, and iron it back to the shirt. Be sure to avoid the drier for the same reason.

Gear up for Action by Caring for Your Equipment

If you take care of your gear, your gear will take care of you. Different sports call for varying equipment that requires their own methods of cleaning. Soccer players use gear that can usually just be thrown in the wash, while things like football shoulder pads, lacrosse helmets and hockey skates need special attention.

Every sport is unique, but keeping your equipment clean is essential across the board.

How to Clean Equipment

Every sport is unique, but keeping your equipment clean is essential across the board. Here’s how:

Cleats — One method is to let the mud dry and brush the dirt off with a toothbrush. Another is to soak the cleats in warm soapy water before brushing. Metal cleats may need a grill brush to get the dirt off. If you choose to soak them, make sure they dry completely before using again.

Pads and Protective Gear — Some gear, such as soccer shin guards and gloves, can go in the washing machine. If you put protective gear in a pillowcase, it’ll keep your washing machine from getting damaged. Wash on gentle with warm water and no bleach or fabric softener.

Heavier gear such as shoulder pads needs a little more care. You can either spray them down with a sports disinfectant spray — a 50/50 spray of water and vinegar — or you can detach the plastic from the cloth padding material. The fabric can go in the washing machine similar to lighter gear, but the plastic needs wiped down with a wet rag.

Helmets: Shampoo works great for getting body oils out. Work with warm water, rinse and be sure to air dry completely.

Mouth Guards: Warm water and a mild soap will help get the germs out. Be sure not to turn the water too hot, as it will make mouth guards moldable again and they may not fit your mouth the same.

Keep It Clean

No matter what sport you play, keep it clean on the field and in the laundry. Your gear will thank you and keep you covered throughout the game.

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