How to Clean Your House Quickly

How to Clean Your House Quickly

Does it seem like clutter tends to pile up in your house more quickly than you are able to get rid of it? Do you feel like you spend hours each week cleaning, but your house still looks like a mess? Unfortunately, there is no magic tool that can clean your house in minutes flat, but there are some tips you can implement to streamline your cleaning process and to clean your home more quickly. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Work from the Top Down

When you start cleaning, it makes sense to start on the top floor and work your way down so the dirt and dust from higher areas fall onto uncleaned areas. Don’t forget to dust your ceiling fans and wipe down furniture, wiping dust and dirt directly onto the floor so you can clean it up quickly and easily. Having the right cleaning tools, like a nice duster, is essential for making quick work of dusty surfaces.

Take 10 Minutes Per Bedroom

If you have kids, you could easily spend an entire afternoon cleaning their bedrooms but if you want to clean the house quickly you’ll need to stick to the basics. Give yourself a time budget of 10 minutes per bedroom and get to work. Strip the linens on the beds and remake them with clean sheets. Clear clutter off of desks and dressers, putting it all in a laundry basket for later organization or tuck it out of sight in the closet. Finish by wiping down surfaces with an all-purpose cleaning solution or dusting spray and a clean cloth or microfiber towel.

Keep it Simple with Bathrooms

To keep things quick, clean all of your bathrooms in one go-round. Spray counters, tubs, and sinks with a bathroom cleaning solution then wipe them down – don’t forget to wipe down the toilet too! After spraying everything down, come back with a clean cloth and wipe it all down. Clean the mirrors and rinse out the tub then give it a spritz with some air freshener.

Give the Kitchen and Living Spaces Some Love

Most of your cleaning time should be budgeted for the bedrooms and bathrooms, but don’t neglect the kitchen and living spaces! In the living room, clear away clutter and dust everything, starting from one corner and working your way around the room. To clean furniture, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum then finish up by vacuuming the floors. In the kitchen, fill the sink with hot soapy water and soak the things that need it, loading the rest into the dishwasher. While those dishes soak, clear and clean the counters then wipe down all of your appliances. Finish by cleaning those stubborn dishes and give the floors a once-over.

Finish Up with the Floors

Once everything is more or less clean and in its place, the last step is to clean the floors. In carpeted rooms, start at the far end and work backward so you’re not walking over the vacuumed area. For hard floors, vacuum up hair and dust, using an attachment to get into the corners – vacuuming will help get rid of pet hair and dirt rather than just spreading it around. Finish it all up with a steam mop to give your hard floors a quick, thorough cleaning.

As is true for anything, the more you practice the better and more efficient you will become – the same goes for cleaning! By implementing the simple tips provided above you can take your house from cluttered to clean in no time at all. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work!

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