The Most Efficient Ways to Clean Your Pool

The Most Efficient Ways to Clean Your Pool

The summertime is the time for a variety of outside activities. The winter is a distant memory, and the sun shines high in the sky. For most, summer is a great time for friends and relaxation. Out of the many activities you get involved with during the summer, jumping into a swimming pool is certainly one of them. Jumping into your pool is even better.

But, after a few uses, how do you keep your pool clean? What steps do you need to take to ensure your pool is clean? The steps are easier than you think and can even be fun if you get into the right mindset!

Check the Equipment for a Thoroughly Clean Pool

When you clean a pool, there’s no doubt that you’re going to use a few different tools. One of the pieces of equipment you need to get acquainted with is your pool’s filtration system. The filtration system is the system that helps cycle water in and out of the pool. Understanding how this system operates is crucial in efficiently cleaning your pool.

Learn the gauges and how they work. Touch the gauges and make sure they’re not too hot. Check the pump basket and make sure everything is in its proper place. You also need to make sure you skim and brush your pool. Your cleaning brushes are an essential part of a healthy pool experience.

Make Sure to Empty the Pump Baskets

The pump basket is one of the central cogs of your pool. The pump basket is the mechanism in which the pool sucks in water to cycle it through. If the pump basket gets clogged, the water cannot get cycled through and leaves you with nasty water. Everything from dog hair to leaves clogs up this basket, and it’s crucial to try and keep it clean. If you don’t, another problem can occur causing stress on the filter.

You don’t want stress on your pool filter. Do yourself a favor and clean the pump basket regularly.

Check Your Water Level

It sounds like common sense, but it can be an overlooked portion of pool upkeep that you may quickly forget about when things go wrong. As its name suggests, the water level refers to the level of water that’s floating in your pool. It’s important because the water level should fill up to the middle of the pool.

If it’s too high, you end up having water splashing out of the pool. If it’s too low, the pump burns up. Keep an eye on the water level.

Make Sure the Filter is Clean

The filter is the waypoint of your pool. It’s how the water goes from not looking the best to sparkling and looking so good you could drink it (not recommended). A dirty filter leads to poor water quality, and poor water quality is going to look gross.

You don’t want your pool looking nasty for your guests, so keep an eye on the filter and make sure it’s kept clean.

Combine These Steps

When you start using your pool, combine the steps mentioned above for a guaranteed good time. Your pool will run efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about gunk and gross water floating in your pool. Instead, you’ll enjoy a great and relaxing time in the summer sun.

Scott Huntington is a writer from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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