Tips for Marketing Your Cleaning Business

Cleaning Business

Businesses live or die according to their marketing strategy. Without a strong marketing strategy, your target audience won’t know that you exist and you’re not going to make any money. Developing a marketing strategy does not have to be complicated, but it does take some forethought. Here are some simple tips for marketing your cleaning business:

Clearly define your target audience. It is not enough to say that you want to offer cleaning services – you need to decide WHO you are trying to sell to. Do you want to offer your services to homeowners or business owners? Do you offer standard services or luxury upgrades? You’ll need to answer these questions and more to define your audience.

Decide what sets you apart. Even once you decide who your target audience is, you need to think about you are going to set your cleaning business apart from other businesses that appeal to the same market. The possibilities are endless but you do need to make a decision and stick to it.

Create a website that represents your business. You probably already have a name for your cleaning business but, if you don’t, choose one that will work well as a domain name. You want your domain name to include your business name and maybe also a geographical location – just don’t make it too long or complicated.

Use your website to generate leads. Once you’ve started your website, you need to develop a strategy to use it to generate leads. You’ll want to provide information about your company but keep in mind that a lot of the people who find your website aren’t necessarily looking for it. You should think about starting a company blog or offer useful content on your site to draw in new potential customers and to convert visitors into sales.

Link your social media accounts. To establish an online presence you’ll want to connect your website to your social media accounts, and vice versa. Using your blog to establish yourself as an authority in the industry is great, but it won’t matter unless people read it. Use your social media accounts to share your blog posts and to draw in new customers.

Don’t forget about offline marketing. While modern businesses need a website in order to truly succeed, there is still something to be said for old school marketing tactics. Nothing is wrong with good old-fashioned newspaper ads, billboards, and flyers. Just pick a handful of strategies and really put some effort into them instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Turn your customers into repeat business. Not only do you need to create a marketing strategy that generates new business, but you want to keep those customers coming back again and again. Part of your marketing strategy should involve a plan to stay in touch with past customers and to keep your business in their minds. Email works great for this and you can offer a frequent buyer’s bonus.

Every cleaning business is different, so your ideal marketing strategy might not be the same as another company’s. It’s up to you to decide who your target audience is and how best to reach them. Then, simply put your marketing plan into action and watch the customers come rolling in.

  1. Excellent article! You bring up many points to consider. Social Media has had a tremendous impact on small business marketing, but the golden nugget is in the service you provide! Be the best at what you do, and the rest will fall in place…with a little help from your marketing strategy.

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