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06-06-2019 06:21 PM
simplycleanoxford Hi _____,

We are a local cleaning company and trying to expand - so I'm reaching out to see if we can come over and provide a free cleaning in your living room. We clean lots of houses in your neighborhood and it would be easy for us to swing by and do what we do best - clean.

We think this will be a great way for you to see the quality of work. If you just cleaned the living room we can wait a few days before popping over. How long has it been?
03-19-2019 11:05 PM
Carpet Cleaning Alex Awesome script thanks for sharing
03-08-2019 01:19 PM
gnhe Just remember when you are telemarketing the first answer 99 percent of the time is no! The canned sounding response is not necessarily the best. If you here not right now ask if they are doing the work later perhaps the spring if its winter etc. The goal is to get a yes. If they say yes ask if they would consider doing the work if they got a better deal now. If yes continue.. the point is to lead to the sale instead of just losing out getting a huge call back list.
11-28-2018 10:38 AM
David Donerlson
Originally Posted by Cold_Calling View Post
Please help me to make new opening script for carpet cleaning business.
We are working for carpet cleaning company and this is a script we are using. I will be very thankfull for your help.

Rep: Hi Good afternoon. My I speak to Mr/Mrs _____________please?
Cus: Yes This is he/she how may I help you?

Rep: Mr________Thank you very much for receiving my call this is _____from City Carpet, How ya doing today?

Cus: I am fine, you?
Rep: I am also fine, Thanks for asking. Mr_____the reason of my call is that we are offering carpet cleaning only in $30, so may i know how long its been you have cleaned your carpet?
Because of bad weather we are not getting good leads. plz help me
My best spills are as follows:
Hello,Im David from ----- how are you today?
Im hoping you can help me(This is the killer that will 9 times out 10 have the gate keeper to lower their defenses and allow you to talk)..
Im calling from (cleaning service name) to see if you could tell me the procedures that I must follow in order to provide an estimate in regards to your cleaning service..(They will either patch you over if they aren't the person,or,say something like,"hmmmm thats a derek or (whoever handles the decision making)question".

Very rarely do I get a not interested with that spill..

I also,get trick leads..I would call someone and say,"Im David with blah blah and Im calling because one of my colleagues,Andrew, was requested by 2 other businesses in the area to provide a quote for office cleaning and I wanted to see if he had stopped by there to give you an estimate for your cleaning in case you go into the market sometime in the near future." This is only good if the appointment is scheduled for the next day or 2 at the most.. If it is 4 days or more they can forget..Its best to get an email from them and for each appt. you should send a confirmation email the same day you set the appt.

Best Rebuttals for Not Interested will be:
"Would you mind keeping an estimate on file in case you do decide to go in another direction with your Janitorial Cleaning? 9 1/2 times out of 10 you'd get a yes..
01-26-2017 05:44 PM
Barret_Jobber Nice script - thanks for sharing! How does everyone find cold calling works for their business? Does it generally find good clients?
01-23-2017 08:58 AM
Scripts and leads

As for scripts a good practice to ask if the person have time to discuss an opportunity right after you represent yourself. There are a lot of training on selling an cold calling at udemy. So you may find great tricks there.

As for lead, it quite depends on the profit you will get. If the cost of lead is too high comparing with your future profit it doesn't worth. For example, if the lead will cost me 100 USD and I will get a profit of 20 USD for each order from this company/person and in five months I will get full ROI (of course in case this person/company will place an order with me at least once a month) . And it is good for me
01-19-2017 12:01 PM
KD Rep Sort of new to forum. Hello to everyone. Tried to post introduction, but says I can't without posts. No spam here. Looking for feedback from the pros in the biz.

Just got a carpet cleaner and janitorial firm going on a pay-per-lead pilot program with one of my temps who is looking for full-time with them.

We'll see how it shakes out on this end, but I'm curious for feedback on what you would pay for a legitimate lead?
06-13-2016 09:35 AM
Saffelle I often look at it this way. When you're cold calling you're trying to sell the "meeting". I find it very hard to sell something over the phone but after you have that appointment/meeting scheduled selling a product or service in person is a lot easier and more comfortable. This also better helps you to develop a personal relationship with the customer which is great for repeat business.
06-09-2016 10:19 AM
epicheather265 These are all great tips!
I would like to add...
Don't forget to listen to the customer. In doing so you can figure out what their greatest pain or problem is (let them talk and talk about them a lot) Figure out what their "real" problems are. (It may be no time or stress about kids or whatever...listen.

My favorite one was "I want something to be easy!" She was down on her luck and felt like everything in her life was hard. Luckily, I have set-up smooth processes for my customers, and I focused on making it easy for her.

Give them a solution to their problem....whatever that may be.
Try to move on to meeting in person. Say "I like you". Get a commitment from them and schedule the estimate.

Then, ask what they expect to happen if you both agree to the estimate. You want to get them to say "Start a weekly service" (or whatever you are offering) or even agree with a "yes" if you say it. They are 95% sold before you even get to the home estimate and talk price. Leave them feeling good.
"I look forward to meeting you Mr. Smith."
Smile while you talk because it shows through the phone. Be confident. Remember to Listen.
05-21-2016 03:56 PM
cleanrightservices I don't do much cold calling. It kinda freaks me out, lol. These scripts are very helpful. Thanks so much for the great info!!!
03-29-2016 07:07 AM
w3webmaster Cold calling is the basic thing for any business in the initial level, why dont you create a page with your business name and build some network. First ask your friends to like your page and post something very much informative on your site and your special offers. When people are in need then definitely they will call you, since everybody needs cleaning services right. Give some basic free offer in the initial days and ask their feedback, then put it in the website/social media sites. Then ask them referrals, but limit the duration of the free offering. Target the comapnies so they may take decision to hire you for next time.
03-28-2016 10:30 AM
28450 For calls, number one thing is to focus on ONE thing in the call:

- Generate a lead
- Get an appointment
- Special offer

When cold-calling, don't try and focus on more than one thing.

- Tell them how you can help them.
- Be concise.
- Tell them what they should expect from your in-person meeting (if applicable).

If you need help with a pitch, feel free to call me. I'm glad to help. My number is (913) 777-1355.

03-16-2016 11:45 PM
fmanuelm what are you meaning?
02-26-2016 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by View Post
I think just sounding natural and personable over the phone will go a long way. If you stick to a script you're going to sound like a telemarketer
AGREED - personality is everything! Just because you have made the call 1000 times does not mean it needs to sound robotic.
Scripts leave it up to the law of averages.
02-02-2016 07:44 PM
Jamalucci Kleanerdude, what types of services do you offer?
02-02-2016 10:43 AM
Minimizing the Gatekeeper

I have been calling restaurants because it is very easy to get directly to the Manager. I am running out of restaurants and would like to know if anyone has any ideas on what the best businesses might be to call that don't have the ever-present "gatekeeper" that seems to have to know everything about you before they will
let you get close to "their" Mgr or owner.

Like "Is Mr. Jones expecting your call?" "Do you have an appointment with Mr' Jones?" "Maybe you can tell me more about what you are calling about?" I mean some of these "gatekeepers" can be ok and may even help but many of them simply are playing "keep [me] away" and so I would like to do my best to avoid calling them, and when I do run across them, it would also help to know your ideas on how to circumvent/navigate my way around or through or over or under them.

The good thing about calling restaurants is/was that the waiter/waitress is working and just wants to move you along, so they can get back to serving their customers, i.e. who might be giving them a BIG tip, so they generally don't want to spend time with any phone call, no matter who it is, and just pass you to the Manager, easily.

So, anyone who has some experience in cold calling businesses, what businesses have you called where you have found that the person or receptionist picking up is most likely to pass you on to the Office Manager, General Manager or maybe even the owner, without grilling you or putting you through an inquisition Any feedback is appreciated.

I would like to add that I know there are many who believe that cold calling is unworkable. For me, though, that is not true. Some of us are quite capable of engaging people on the phone whom we have never met while, for many others, cold-calling is terrifying. I guess you could liken it to going in front of an audience onstage. Aversion to cold calling for some is like stage-fright. And, that's ok - but PLEASE, remember, there are many of us who have no problem with cold-calling, even look forward to it.

It is simply another way of socializing, in this case, business socializing and a heck of a lot cheaper than having to spend the gas prices we have now to go face to face, and besides the face to face is for my owner, I'm just setting it up on the phone for him to go and personally engage the business or homeowner. So, if you don't like cold-calling, even if you strongly believe it doesn't work, that's ok...for you. Just let those of us who can cold-call, do so - and your ideas are welcome here, as well.

It would also be nice if there were a forum in here that was strictly 100% dedicated to cold-calling because cold-calling is, indeed, very much alive and well, extremely healthy, even.
01-21-2016 03:06 PM
rayclean Just keep in mind when creating a script, is to make it more "dynamic."
Expect different scenarios, as well as making it not sound like it's just "another call." People catch on when it's not personalized, and they don't typically like it.
01-19-2016 07:18 PM I think just sounding natural and personable over the phone will go a long way. If you stick to a script you're going to sound like a telemarketer
01-18-2016 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by KleanerDude View Post
I just started working for a company in southern California
that sells carpet cleaning services on the commercial level only.

I am calling restaurants and I have found the best approach to
be the following:

Hi, my name is _____________, I am calling from Apex Carpet
Cleaning and Upholstery Services - and I need to speak with your

[seems real easy to get the manager as most people that answer
in restaurants don't think as gatekeepers - most seem more preoccupied
with waiting on customers and just want to move you along and so the
manager is easy to reach - obviously I run into the few who want to be
the pain in the patootie - but far and few]

When the Manager comes on the line - i just go on to say....

Hi, my name is _____________, I am calling from Apex Carpet Cleaning
and Upholstery Services - we are a locally owned [name of town] 20 year
established carpet & upholstery cleaning service focusing on local commercial

We also clean tile and concrete floors, as well as booth upholstery. What is a
good time to come by and give you a complimentary estimate?

And, then I ask what type of floor surface they have and try and get the square

I also try to include the many other incidentals we offer, such as deodorizing
- doing tile & grout, Scotch Guard, etc

Main thing is to try and sell yourself and get the manager to say yes to having
someone come by and it has been fairly easy. Sell yourself on the phone and
let the sales guy get the estimate and the sale.

There are a few other things I say but the main thing is to try to keep it as
friendly and relaxed and not robotic and boxed.

Just wanted to throw this out here.

I am looking for other comments on phone scripts for commercial carpet cleaning
calls - so please sound off!
Can you provide information about your leads? What is your pre-qualification criteria? What is your success rate? Is 1/50 reasonable?
11-09-2015 05:12 PM
El Chico Web Just call them to set up a quick appointment sometime later in the week. Then prospect, prospect, prospect!
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