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07-15-2012 01:26 AM
stuartmark578 It will be difficult to keep yourself busy doing just floors.
06-20-2012 03:45 AM
agricon07 Occasionally, when a lender makes multiple loans on the same APN, they will record a separate subordination agreement, or more commonly, include subordination verbiage in a subsequent DOT.
09-09-2011 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by alphacleaning2009 View Post
It will be difficult to keep yourself busy doing just floors.
06-11-2011 04:18 AM
SwissClean Very interesting thread !
06-07-2011 02:08 AM
TomRCC SrEstradaJr,

VCT was my bread and butter for quite a few years. As far as bidding goes, take two things into account: the job its self and the square footage.

The Job Its Self: That means how many hours would it take one person to do the floor (total manhours) x your price per hour + cost of materials and general overhead. Total manhours means if it takes one person 20 hours to do a floor it will take 4 people 5 hours to do the same floor. Cost per hour you want to remember that you will have a crew with you that you'll be paying- how much do you want to pay them and how much do you want to make for yourself on each of THEIR hours. Cost of materials is just how much the finish and stripper will cost + how much of your insurance, fuel, equipment maintenance etc do want this job to cover.

Square footage is pretty straightforward- you measure how many feet long by how many feet wide and multiple these together, so a 100 by 100 foot floor is a ten thousand square foot floor. Now you put a price per square foot. That can depend on so much and really is something you have to come up on your own though generally speaking .20-.60 is a normal range for a strip-wax. Large retail is normally on the lower end of that and high-end smaller areas are normally on the higher end of that.

Floor work is by no means dead- but you have to aggressively, constantly, be seeking new accounts. In my area at least you have a mix of big chain stores and small locally owned chains as far as retail goes. When I was doing it, we had 70 drug stores on a single chain as subcontractors, 3 locally owned large supermarkets and a a huge amount of odd ball doctors offices, schools, offices. To me, that is how you have to do it-have a mixed client base.

The big chain we were doing paid $80. per regular service (gum scrape/dustmop/machine scrub/propane burnish/dustmop again), and took on average an hour for one person to do one store. $80. isn't "much" for the quality we were giving them, but honestly we made out like bandits. We paid the employee a salary of $25.00 per store, $10.00 went to overhead which left us with a profit of $45.00. $45.00 x 70 stores a week was $3,150 in profit for us. Greedy? No way. $20.00 an hour is excellent pay.

I made a point to personally supervise all of the stripping and waxing services, which were a loss-leader for the chains but which I made out on the grocery stores. 20,000 SF x .20 per sf = $4,000. $600 in materials and I paid my crew of 8 a hundred dollars flat for the job, so that is $800 + $600 = $1,400, plus about $200 for miscellaneous overhead for a grand total of $1,600 cost to me. But I made $3,400 for 6 hours work. Again, was that greedy? No way. $100 for 6 hours work for my guys, plus buying them cigarettes, paying for everyone's lunch etc.

I loved doing floors, everything about doing floors. The problem with retail though is that they often have shop-lifting issues so they will rarely give you the keys and let you come in when you want overnight. Which means services have to be done either right after they close or right after they open. That is another reason to have a good mix of clients. If you have a ton of offices (etc) that you are doing the floors for, you usually get the keys or can arrange to be there when the office cleaning company that has subcontracted you is there cleaning. So the best program really is to have some retail that you can do at the start and at the end of the night and a bunch of non-retail that you can do between the two.

Honestly, in my opinion, you want to be diverse and grab up as much general janitorial as you can so you are cleaning the offices between doing floors. Two services a day, even top-rate, don't pay for a truck, a large walk-behind scrubber, and a 27" propane burnisher, all of which you should have if you plan on doing the big stores.

Good luck!
06-05-2011 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by SrEstradaJr View Post
wen i was working with them they was paying me 12 n hour. but i was doing the work myself, stripping waxing and cleaning the floors myself. now if i decide to do my own business how much should i bid for it. or how can i pitch a price to him.
Try finding a SCORE location near you.
They can assist you.
You need to factor in insurance, licenses, advertizing, and equipment costs.
Even your take home pay will be less as your employer now pays some of the taxes you will be liable for.

Conversely if your relationship with this business is very good ask what he charged per square foot and go from there.

Even that can have problems.
Best case, he can grow his business if he does not have to worry about what you do.
Worst case, he is loosing his shirt because of what you want to do.


Remember the seven P's.

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
06-05-2011 10:52 AM
Sprint Your Post on Retail

I agree 100% the retail market is completely dead, not a dime to be made doing the chains. I had all the Sears and Kmarts in the Midwest for a national company out of Knoxville TN.

Scurb and recoat a Kmart for $200 and then find a subcontractor to do if for $160. A loser with a capital L.
04-07-2011 11:37 AM
SrEstradaJr i deffitnely agree what u are saying sprintcar ... "talk is cheap"
i love doing floors i learn how to do it wen i was living in NY. then i moved to Florida cause my grandparents are very sick. i only been living out here for a year now.

i was working with a small famly business who has there own janitorial services, i did there floors for them but they wasent giving enough hours cause they already set with the few contracts they have, thats why i went to work for PETSMART and i became a manager there. but im still close with that famly and i told them i plan to get into doing floors again but i plan to do sub contract so i can slowly build up my clientel.
he said for me to give them a bid they would love me to there floors.

thats why im planing out how im going to do this. every were i go i look at the floors in the stores and i see how people are not that dedicated. you can tell. so doing floors never left me. i want to have my own business in it, im thinking this may be the start for me..

and far as petsmart the first store i started in i know all the managers very well, and they even changed there floor crew cause the company was doing a bad wax job, that store is about 18,000 sq ft. the new petsmart im working at now cause i got a transfer uses the same floor crew its acutaly one guy who maintains it and i belive every 2 months they strip and wax. but i know if i speak to my old managers they may get me that contract.

i just got to work on my bidding cause i dont want to low ball a price and i dont make much in return. thats why i may start with that famly own company i worked for and do there car dealership to start.

SPRINTCAR how long you been in the carpet business? you just do carpet only?
04-07-2011 12:41 AM
sprintcar93 I've come to learn that those who really want, get what they want and those who say they can't, don't.

There are more floor jobs in every state than anyone can handle. What people don't do is go out and get them. First of all, I'd be willing to bet Pet Smart has no say-so over who does their floors. There are about 7 companies in... California/Chicago/New York... that have control of most of the chain gigs. My buddy has 62 CVS stores in 1 city. Another friend has all the Old Navy stores in his city. It is low pay... in-out-over type of thing. For the money they get, the job they do at your store fits the pay.

What you need to do is go after the non chain stores or private schools ...not day cares... unless you want day cares but they are a hassle. Call around to EVERY janitorial guy that cleans EVERY building in your area and talk to him about doing the floors in his building. Odds are that he only cleans... trash/vacuum/bathrooms. Spend every spare minute trying to get floor jobs and you will.

I remember when I first went in to the carpet cleaning business many years ago (September was the month). EVERYONE told me that January was DEAD for carpet cleaners. In November I started marketing for January and that January was my busiest month EVER while we cleaned carpet. We did over $20,666 that month. But according to about 100 carpet cleaners, January is dead. The moral of my story is.... if you really want to do something you will. If you just like talking about it, you will have fun talking about it and that's not a b ad thing. Dreams keep people going!
04-06-2011 10:32 PM
SrEstradaJr i live in Florida, Coral Springs. i came from New York, in NY theres more floor jobs cause of the weather, snow they have to deal with. out here in Florida they dont have that much floor issues unless its a high traffic store. but i like doing floors, i rather do it were i can do strip n wax jobs and come in and maintain the shine, quick hit and leave jobs.

but i figure if i start with my old job do his floors, also i was thinking of getting my job to do there floors, im a manager for petsmart, and they use a outside company, wich they do a bad job.
04-06-2011 01:34 PM
alphacleaning2009 It will be difficult to keep yourself busy doing just floors.
04-06-2011 12:32 AM
sprintcar93 For anyone to give any answers for price we always have to know exactly what town/city you will be working in.
04-05-2011 02:31 PM
Need some advice on bidding

Hi everybody, how isevery one doing?

i need some advice and pointers. i was working with this famly own janitor company, i was there floor guy. i did there floors for 2 car dealerships. i left them for a full time job and got permoted.

long story short, im real close with the famly and i recently spoken to them cause im thinking about going back to the floor business, i love doing floors but i was talking to them and i mention i might get back into the business but as a sub contractor and he immidetly said he would love for me to do there floors and would be interested in it.

wen i was working with them they was paying me 12 n hour. but i was doing the work myself, stripping waxing and cleaning the floors myself. now if i decide to do my own business how much should i bid for it. or how can i pitch a price to him.

i would love to hear any ones inputs, thanks...

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