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04-22-2017 02:36 PM
fst2201 using the same brand stripper as the wax you are removing is almost always best if you can find out what brand wax is used.Ii let it sit than I go around and use a doodle bug on the whole area then I use the machine. I take my time and use less back.
07-22-2015 05:18 AM
Floor stripper

There are lots of floor stripper in the market like proforce, zep heavy duty floor stripper, carefree floor stripper etc.
07-22-2015 01:38 AM
oliviathomas How to strip a floor
The purpose of stripping a floor is to remove all the old floor finish off the floor. Over time floor finish can turn yellow and can build a haze. If burnishing or polishing your floor does not correct this, it's probably time to strip your floors and do a new recoat. Stripping a floor can be a quick and clean procedure if you have the correct tools for the job. The use of a good floor stripper will make your life much easier, it's better to have the floor stripper remove the wax rather than using hard labor. Removing old floor finish is basically a three step process:

Apply the floor stripper and agitate it.

Remove the floor stripper from the floor.

Rinse the floor and neutralize the floor stripper.


Make sure that your floor has been prepared for stripping. Clean the floor removing as much dirt and debris as possible.

After you have the floor has been prepared vacuum or dust mop the floor to remove any dust. We recommend that you spray your duct mop with dust mop treatment to remove as much dust as possible. Make sure to remove anything stuck to the floor because this will gum up or rip the floor pad.

Make sure that the floor are you are stripping does not and will not have traffic moving through it. Use warning signs to make sure the area where you are stripping is marked out so that everyone is aware of the area.

Stripping a floor requires a mop bucket, cotton or blended mop, floor machine (175-300rpm's) and a black or hi-pr stripping floor pad. Follow the manufacturers specifications for applying the floor stripper. Fill the mop bucket up 1/2 way with floor stripper. Dip the mop into the stripper a lightly wring. Break the floor down into 6' by 6' sections and start applying the stripper to the floor at the furthest corner of the room. Apply the stripper in a figure 8 motion overlapping each stroke by about an inch. After you have applied the stripper let the it sit on the floor for 5-7 minutes. This will give the stripper a chance to react with the floor finish.

Next place a hi-pro or black floor pad on your floor machines. When stripping a floor move the floor machine back and forth on the floor overlapping by at least 1 inch on each pass. As the floor finish is removed from the floor it will become duller. You may need to spend extra time on areas with finish buildup. The main traffic area on the floor will have less buildup than low traffic areas.

Once used the floor machine on the 6' by 6' area remove the stripper from the floor using either a blended mop of wet dry vacuum preferably one that has a front mount squeegee. (NSS
is a great manufacturer of wet dry vacuums with front mount squeegees). Do not let the stripper finish mixture dry. if the area does dry apply more stripper to reloosen the finish.

After the you have removed the floor stripper from the floor rinse the floor with warm water. Rinse the floor two more times with cold water.

After the third rinse with plain water, rinse the floor with a floor stripper neutralizer. Neutralizer will reduce the white residue left by the floor stripper so that the floor finish can adhere to the floor much better.

After the neutralizer dries check for white residue on the floor using a black towel. If residue still exists rinse one more time with cold water. Once all these steps have been completed check the floor for shiny spots. If shiny spots are evident you may need to re-strip these areas.

soil removal Melbourne
06-17-2015 09:48 PM
Bravo 1500+

old post but i love stripping floors.

I do floor care at hospitals and i am on average stripping floors with 30 coats of wax and i never strip twice........unless im rushing then user error happens. also having razor pads helps.
04-13-2015 12:18 AM
Jeanannesunny Follow these instructions to learn how to complete this process from start to finish, but be sure to follow specific instructions on the label of your floor finish stripper, floor wax, or floor finish. Jeananne cleaning services

1. Purchase a floor finish stripper that is appropriate for your floor.
2. Rent an electric floor scrubber and a wet-dry vacuum.
3. Make the floor bare and free of dust.
4. Open all windows and doors.
See more

Commercial Cleaning Services
04-02-2015 07:21 PM
AlexParal prostrip from Johnson
04-02-2015 06:33 PM
AlexParal Pro Strip from Johnson.
03-23-2015 01:56 AM
Jeanannesunny My most newly and fresh floor was just a shade over 700 square feet and I had to strip it 6 times. We have lots of procedures in the marketplace which can help you to strip your wooden flooring. and If you are trying to strip a floor that has many layers of "good" finish (over 10 to 12), you will probably be stripping more than once no matter what you use.
03-16-2015 06:27 AM
stevewilliams Pro-level hard surface floor maintenance begins with removing the existing acrylic finish. Zep Commercial Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper goes on quickly with a cotton mop or scrubbing machine, then digs deep to remove stubborn finishes and heavy buildup.
03-05-2015 05:17 PM
Red Hot

The best stripper I have used is Red Hot stripper. I used the Zep stripper that you get from home depot, and Ace Hardware brand but i wasn't particularly impressed. Something I have learned the hard way no matter what stripper you use is to let the stripper do its job. Too often we would get impatient and scrub before it was ready. Let it soak and agitate it a time or two and rarely you will have to scrub again. Hope that helps.
09-02-2014 05:54 AM
lukethenuke Things are going well now. It's been a year and I've picked up quite a few more stores and managed to build my own tool that lays stripper. I'm located in central Maine.
09-02-2014 05:48 AM
sparklinghomes Where is your office?
04-06-2013 09:30 PM
lukethenuke Wanted to start a thread but I have to make 2 posts so I guess asking my question in here will do. I have been running a VCT maintenance business for about 5 years and I just picked up a few accounts that are around 10k square feet. I am looking at buying a propane stripper but I'm not really sure how well they work. I am currently using an Onyx Terminator Tri-Strip working with another guy doing chain pharmacies but it seems that these jobs aren't going as smooth as they could. My question is do propane strippers usually strip in one pass? And do they really do the square footage they say? The guy I work with has 26 pharmacies and it takes us (crew of 4) at least 3-4 hours to strip 10k. Should we be mixing the stripper heavier? Also we put the stripper down with a stripper machine (Nobles Monsoon) and watering cans and it can get heavy at times. After it is picked up we have "leakers" from under the aisles; is this common with other crews or should it be put down lighter? Thank you for the help.
03-19-2013 05:11 PM
Orbital Scrubbing

has any buddy used these machines for stripping floors
03-13-2013 08:08 AM
Sdunn Is terminator a rinse free product? I found many terminator products on the internet, a bunch of them contain butyl and wasn't sure which one you mean.
03-12-2013 04:55 PM
cmichael I agree, you get what you pay for!
Terminator is about the same price with same guarantee.
03-12-2013 04:19 PM
Sdunn Some do find it hard to believe. Believe has been a #1 stripper seller for cantol for over 20 years I'm sure if it didn't work as described they would have discontinued the product. It's a 1-3 dilution rate allow it to soak for 5-6 minutes for heavy build ups. Remove the stripper and allow it to dry before applying floor finish. It's $34.20 per gallon but now a days you get what you pay for, and the product is intended to save in labor time. Hope this helps


How many other chemical companies offer this type of guarantee?

Cantol guarantees its products, when used as directed, to do all it claims. Should the product fail to demonstrate our claims, the remaining material may be returned to us and no charge will be made
03-12-2013 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by 10bballer View Post
Hi could anyome tell me who makes the best floor stripper. I ve tried a few but i looking for,that stripper that i only have to put down once.. if there is any such stripper?

Hillyard's Arsenal Stripper is AWESOME!! Just as great is Rose Terminator.
I have used many different strippers and I completely understand saving your back and your time! I personally dont care for any cheap Betco product! Combine a good stripper with the right pad first off - 3M Pads are simply better than any other and they last about 4 times longer, this comes from the abrasive coating that is coated all the way through on all fibers of the pad. Initial cut may be comparable with many others, but the other's abrasivness will not last as long. Try using an SPP pad (Surface Prep Pad).

Rose Products in Ohio used to make the Terminator Stripper. Rose was bought out by Hillyard several years ago but continues to manufacture Terminator because it was so popular in Ohio. 8oz per gallon mix works great! The Arsenal system offers some of the best stripper I have used as well.

If you are trying to strip a floor that has many layers of "good" finish (over 10), you will probably be stripping more than once no matter what you use.
I have never found a "no-rinse" stripper or a "green" stripper that is worth the bucket it comes in. The "Neutral" or "Low PH" strippers have their specific needs, but standard VCT Tile is not one of them.
02-10-2013 10:14 AM
Floor Strippers

Looking for a good floor stripper this may help.

Cantol STRIP-EZE is a heavy duty, fast acting, bond releasing industrial stripper formulated to soften, penetrate and remove paint, varnish and sealers. Use STRIP-EZE on metal, concrete, wood, brick, cinder block, terrazzo and similar types of hard surfaces. STRIP-EZE is available in liquid form as well as gel which enables it to cling to vertical surfaces, eliminating waste from dripping. STRIP-EZE contains an evaporation retardant and an emulsifier to permit rinsing with water. STRIP-EZE is nonflammable and noncorrosive. Powerful, penetrating agents in STRIP-EZE cut through multiple layers of aged paint, varnish and seal saving time and labour. STRIP-EZE is easily applied by brush, roller, mop or dip methods.


BELIEVE! is a labour-saving no rinse stripper for floors. It is a powerful product designed to strip even the hardest thermoplastic, burnished or metal cross-link floor finishes in half the procedure time of ordinary strippers with half the effort. BELIEVE! requires no rinsing or neutralizing and can be used with or without machine scrubbing. BELIEVE! allows you to properly prepare your floor for recoating with floor finish with no machine, no scrubbing pads, no neutralizers, no long down time and no floor rinsing. The fast acting,
penetrating liquid is non-ammoniated for use in areas where harsh, strong odours could cause problems. The low foaming feature of BELIEVE! enables you to see the area being stripped and provides for a faster, thorough pick-up by mop, wet vac or an automatic scrubber. Because of the efficient solvent-power of BELIEVE!, it is not recommended for linoleum or rubber floor tiles as softening could occur. On asphalt tile, test first in an inconspicuous area to determine if softening or discoloration will occur

Hope this helps
Shawn Dunn
02-07-2013 09:30 PM

I found that using a 4 to 1 mix will work for stripping one. However, I do own a nylon grit brush which eliminates clogging.
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