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  1. Residential Cleaning
    Fall is upon us and this is one of the best times to clean your carpet. During summer, your carpet sees a lot of traffic. Kids running in and out, pets tracking in dirt and mud, humidity increasing the chance for bacteria growth in the carpet padding and dust and pollen settling in the fibers...
  2. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    Removing Pet Stains Removing pet stains in carpet is a huge factor in encouraging your dog not to go to the bathroom in the house. There are a number of methods suggested when it comes to cleaning pet stains, however many of them will not resolve your issues. The most often shared advice is to...
  3. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    Genesis 950 is an idea cleaner for nearly every situation. Remove pet stains AND odors. Clean the toughest stains from carpet, rugs and upholstery. Eliminate grease, oil and tar from concrete and pavement. Genesis 950 works with water to break the bonds of stains. Unlike most cleaners, Genesis...
1-3 of 3 Results