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  1. General Discussion
    Your vacuum cleaner does a lot to ensure cleanliness and prevention of bad smells in your house. That’s why it is not just an equipment but it is an important investment that you make for the cleaning needs of your house. So, you need to ensure proper care and maintenance of your vacuum cleaner...
  2. General Discussion
    When it comes to the construction investment, flooring makes a significant amount of it. It is that part of the building that you cannot think of replacing soon. That's why it is crucial to maximizing the longevity of this expensive and valuable asset. Though the main thing that you must focus...
  3. General Discussion
    Find out what the cheap and affordable product is really doing to your employees at
  4. General Discussion
    Hey guys it's Seth from Details Cleaning Service, LLC! I just recently obtained affiliate contracts with some online supply companies; in short this means I can know how to get discounts on cleaning supplies! Private message me or opt-in to receive coupon codes at Http://
  5. Commercial Cleaning
    I am looking to start up a carpet cleaning business and was wondering what makes are the best in terms of lifespan. I just found a local janitorial business off Hillsborough in Tampa, FL called Janitors Closet. They have a lot of carpet extractors new and used and they also rent them out. I was...
1-6 of 6 Results