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  1. Perth Manufacturing Cleaning

    Perth Manufacturing Cleaning Services. Food Cleaning and Equipment Services. Office Cleaning Services. Call for a free quote, We service Perth and surrounding areas.
  2. Commercial Cleaning
    I have been trying to clean off this black that was left from the shelving that was on this floor. (Used to be a dollar general) I have been using my floor machine and various chemicals to little to no effect. I've tried general cleaners and degreaser, floor stripping solution, bleach, hydrogen...
  3. Windows & Gutters
    Why is window cleaning important all-year round? Commercial and residential construction has taken over most of our cities and now many offices and apartments these days are constructed from a large amount of glass and while this can provide great natural light and an appealing exterior look...
  4. Commercial Cleaning
    I have set up a small cleaning company. I currently have domestic clients as the majority of my client base. I now have a couple of offices and shops I clean and maybe more commercial work in the future. I want to be able to have as much knowledge as possible. Is there a course I can take in...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello there, Congrats on being part of what seems to be a friendly forum! Just wanted to introduce our company, we are located in Montreal, QC, Canada and do commercial cleaning using eco friendly cleaning products only - check us out Site:
  6. Commercial Cleaning
    Hello All. I am hoping someone sees this soon. I am new to this forum and to the biz. I was volunteered by my mother-in-law to help her expand her cleaning company. She's been cleaning for over 20 years but mainly does residential and small commerical properties. She was told to submit a...
  7. Business
    Can anyone recommend a decent bid site (whether commercial or government) that isnt a scam? Been looking thru them and I cant find one that looks even remotely legit. thanks
  8. Pressure Washing
    The awnings at the Governors Square Mall are a constant aggravation to the management. The mildew very quickly and need yearly cleanings to remove the build-up and return them to their original brilliance. Here is an example of one of the entrance ways we clean. Feel free to browse our whole...
  9. Sales & Marketing
    We are trying out a commercial on local television here in Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Check out the commercial and give me some feedback: Driveway Cleaning Phoenix We are primarily targeting driveway cleanings and house washes in the area. :thumbsup: Ill keep everyone posted on the ROI
  10. Commercial Cleaning
    Millennium Building Maintenance, LLC - Full Service Janitorial Company. Visit our website at to learn about our company. Our employees wear photo id badges at all times so you know who they are. We also use a telephone time keeping system. This technology pages our...
  11. General Discussion
    Spring cleaning isn’t just something that homeowners need to do. Oftentimes businesses have cleaning jobs that need only be done once or twice a year as well. If you have a commercial cleaning company taking care of your place of business, consider asking them if they will also do this type of...
1-11 of 11 Results