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  1. Wood Cleaning & Restoration
    We carry a full Line of Wood & Deck Products. For Cleaning, Restoring & Mold Removal. Woods, Decks, Concrete, Roofing & Siding. All GREEN: 100% SAFE ! Will Not Harm People, Animals, or Plants. Deck Wash, Wood Renu, Deck Strip & Deck Brite. Quantities starting at 4x1 gallon. Deck Wash, Deck...
  2. Pressure Washing
    Clean and Green Solutions 281.883.8470, Houston Texas offers drive thru cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and parking lot cleaning services. We provide one time cleanings as well as maintenance contracts. Call 281.883.8470 for a FREE ESTIMATE
  3. Pressure Washing
    Clean and Green Solutions recently performed this Kingwood Texas concrete cleaning in the Forest Cove subdivision.
1-3 of 3 Results