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  1. Business
    I am pissed off. I quote a contract to clean a salon. Then merry maids comes in and lowballs the price i gave. I then go 5 dollars below the merry maids weekly price. Then the girl tells me that "i was dumb for doing that." I asked her "how am I dumb for that?" She proceeds to tell me that she...
  2. Business
    The family dollar and dollar general locations in my area look terrible. Any idea how to contact the person at these stores that can approve a cleaning contract?
  3. Sales & Marketing
    Hey guys, I was wondering how ya'll got new business. I have 2 contracts to clean gas stations and I will probably get more with the company im working for, but how in the world do I get more gas stations from other companies? I do go to each station and ask? or try to call an area manager?
1-3 of 3 Results