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  1. Business
    Explain what your biggest problem is (or was) as a startup cleaning service. What do you plan on doing (did you do) to overcome these issues? Startup Capitol Customers Database Processes Supplies Employees Communication Etc. I think my biggest issue is getting the support I need to stay...
  2. Business
    I am a solo cleaner in a small rural town. I joined a business networking group and also built a website to promote myself and it's worked well for me. Right now, I am about maxed out on what I can do on my own and Im wishing I could clone myself. Since I can't, I decided to place some ads...
  3. Residential Cleaning
    hi everyone. id love to know what everyones labor costs are. mine are running at 50 percent which i think is ridicilous! i cant seem to speed my employees up and if i charge more i dont get new clients. what is your labor costs? thank you
  4. Business
    What do you guys usually pay employees? And how do u get employees to work on holidays. what you pay them?
  5. Business
    How do i find employees to work at night around 2 am or 5am? They only need to work for an hr or two at night every night of the week. Got a contract to clean 24 hr gas stations.
1-5 of 5 Results