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  1. General Discussion
    How do I clean bamboo floors without damaging the floor. The house we bought has had these floors for five years and they look a bit worn. Without getting a new floor. Any suggestions?
  2. General Discussion
    Hello, recently me and my husband started a cleaning service. We landed one contract with a church and did a floor job. Now I am looking to land a contact with a hospital. We would like to clean the floors there as well. Anyone know who I should ask to talk to? I usually ask for housekeeping but...
  3. Safety
    There is a lot of discussion on slip and fall accidents. Most of them are preventable. One super way of keeping the accidents down is to insure your floor has the most traction possible. Nobody wants a slippery floor. There is a product, Traction Plus TP121 that will solve the slippery floor...
  4. Floor Care
    hey guys I had a quick question. what would u guys use to clean a basement floor with dust and dirt on it...floor is made of bricks. every time u sweep more dirt comes up.
1-4 of 4 Results