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  1. General Discussion
    Spot Removal Steps 1. Act Quickly! Most carpet available today has been treated with a stain-resist treatment in the factory, so many spills can be removed if immediate action is taken. Even with that treatment, spills will still set and become harder to remove with time. The longer you wait...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello there, Congrats on being part of what seems to be a friendly forum! Just wanted to introduce our company, we are located in Montreal, QC, Canada and do commercial cleaning using eco friendly cleaning products only - check us out Site:
  3. Off Topic
    On the topic of being clean, I think one important factor is breathing clean air. If you live in a city with all the smoke and fog outside your window, placing these plants would help filter and clean the air that you breathe. :thumbup: You can read it all here www rodalesorganiclife...
  4. Sales & Marketing
    Hello guys,If you guys want to learn or to know about green cleaning,janitorial or building maintenance.Check our blog at Building Maintenance and vancouver janitorial services Looking forward for some of your comments or suggestion about our post..:D:thumbup:
  5. Residential Cleaning
    Walking through any store these days your see it everywhere on almost every bottle. “Eco-friendly” or “Green” and many other derivative of this form. What does it really mean? Well many commercial cleaning products cause risks of respiratory, skin and eye irritations, and many are hazardous...
  6. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    I had a customer ask me this question and I am embarrassed to say that I was stumped. She was more concerned about safety vs efficiency. I found that when I looked into it, it was hard to quantify exactly what was in each solution. I worked with a supplier and a rep from a major company to...
  7. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    I own a few properties in New York and New Jersey. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy carpet cleaner that uses green cleaning methods?
  8. Commercial Cleaning
    The caring and cleaning of a commercial or institutional facility is a huge task. Developing and implementing a green cleaning program that will effectively protect the occupant's health while minimizing the cleaning's impact on the environment is equally significant. By following these eight...
  9. Business
    Guys, I have been in the Green Market since 2005 and really have grown my business. With all of the major companies moving that way as well, they are going to influence our customers to be more eco-friendly so you want to make sure you are in the forefront of that. As a marketing consultant this...
  10. General Discussion
    Hi all, I think that i didn't found that kind of topic here. Green cleaning is pretty modern already. So I thought that it would be great to have some place where everybody can share their recipes for green cleaning products which works for them :) Here is one from me :) 1/4 cup washing soda...
1-10 of 10 Results