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  1. General Discussion
    BioShield75 is the safest anti-microbial protecting agent on the market. Not only is it the safest, but it is long-lasting and substantially more effective than standard cleaning products. Typical cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals and leave behind strong odors and residues.
  2. Tile and Grout Cleaning
    Hi Friends, This topic has come up again and again. I'm hoping that this thread can be the be all end all on the topic of cleaning and removing stains from grout. The topic is covered extensively in this web tutorial: The coverage in the article is a...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, this is Jenekee. We have cleaning services, how is everyone doing?
  4. Hi!

    New Member Introductions
    Guys, I am Monifa. I am part of cleaning service providers, and I am here to learn more of the other areas, you know tips on things that we have not encountered and ofcourse share and impart what we know.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello all , cleaning with vapor steam in st petersburg Fla,
1-5 of 5 Results