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  1. Residential Cleaning
    I own Dapper Bros Cleaners in Colorado Springs. I've been in business for a little over a year cleaning houses and carpets. Currently, I get about 2-5 ORGANIC quotes per month (non-organic is much higher). I would be happy with a boost to 1 per day. At that point, word-of-mouth would be a lot...
  2. Sales & Marketing
    Good day every body. Im relatively new to this forum and I've been started small family business not to while ago. I think my main questions would be where is everyone looking for the leads? Is there broker website or anything of that type? I currently advertice on couple websites, but I was...
  3. Sales & Marketing
    I have a national carpet repair website. I don't clean or sell carpet and have no intentions of ever changing that. I do get occasional requests for carpet cleaning so if you would like me to refer your company, put a link to my website on your website and then send me the link so I can check...
1-3 of 3 Results