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  1. Residential Cleaning
    Looking for some professional helpers to do some house cleaning? We have the best team of cleaners that would make sure your home is spotless. All you have to do is just click on the desired maid service and we'll be there to help you out.:wink
  2. Commercial Cleaning
    Keeping Your House Clean!:grin: Sometimes between taking care of the house and the family AND also WORK, we tend to get a bit overwhelmed! We can help you with it.:smile Just contact us and we'll do the rest! =)
  3. General Discussion
    Hey everybody, Google + local is becoming so important with local search. I figure that if we go in a +1 each others pages it could help out some with local ranking. Anyway, here's mine Maids a la Mode I'll +1 whoever else decides to partake in this effort!
  4. Residential Cleaning
    Fall is truly one of the most beautiful times of the year. From wonderful fall harvest, to the beautiful pallet of colourful leaves. Fall also marks the time when we all start preparing our homes for the long winter ahead. Keep your family and yourself healthier this winter by properly...
  5. Business
    Hello, I want to start a green cleaning maid service and need help on everything. I am 28 years old and i love to clean my house and organize things. I have a full time job but am willing to work hard. What are the tricks and realities to starting a cleaning company? Should I get a website...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Kleenin it up was expectedly delivered on January 01 2012 by Regina Cabell & Lisa Arnett. With these two women having the desire to clean and the health conscious personalty to do it thoroughly is what birthed the creation of this cleaning company. Both Lisa and Regina have backgrounds in...
  7. Residential Cleaning
    "Please Ask About Our New Client Discount!" Visit Our Web Site Below! Emai: [email protected] Contact: (916) 667-6554 Serving All Sacramento & Elk Grove Areas Life goes by fast. Work places demands on your time...
  8. Residential Cleaning
    I had a client show me a couple spots in their bathroom they felt were left behind from my previous cleaning. There were three small areas, two behind the toliet and one by the shower that had a green residue. I am only using chlorox tub and tile, windex and a toliet cleaner in their bathroom...
1-8 of 8 Results