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  1. General Discussion
    We all need to clean our house, as we all know a healthy environment is so important for a healthy life, but the problem is cleaning is very much time consuming process, and only thing we lack nowdays is time. So, we must use cleaning equipment which make our job easy and effortless , products...
  2. Pressure Washing
    Anyone have any experience with Koblenz pressure washers? I just picked up the HLT-370V, it's a self-contained pressure washer, doesn't need a hose connection. Pretty cool. You can also add any sort of cleaning solution directly into the tank. Any thoughts?
  3. Roof Cleaning
    Liberty SoftWash was hired to clean the whole roof of this home. Homeowners were putting this home up for sale and wanted this great curb appeal.
  4. Pressure Washing
    Here is a beautiful house that we pressure washed in Mechanicsburg PA 17055. We power washed all the siding, no-pressure cleaned the roof and washed the concrete sidewalks. She was very happy with her Mechanicsburg house after it was sparkling clean!!
1-4 of 4 Results