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  1. Pressure Washing
    For those that are just starting out in the Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning business, I have an online school that you may find helpful. I have had it about a year or so, and it has helped some guys get started and cut the learning curve quite a bit. Here is a short video that explains it. If...
  2. Pressure Washing
    I am going to begin offering a web based school within the next couple of weeks. Over the last 2 years that my school has been opened, I have had many requests to offer something like this. Training will be via recorded videos, as well as live/recorded webinars. I will also have many videos up...
  3. Roof Cleaning
    We did this Houston Texas Tile Roof Cleaning job yesterday. Absolutely no pressure was used to clean this tile roof.
  4. Roof Cleaning
    Here's a picture of a roof cleaning we recently did here in Northern Virginia. We use our 42' bucket truck for most jobs, and the process itself is pressure-free. We rely solely on chemistry and science:
  5. Roof Cleaning
    This Humble Texas Roof Cleaning was done for Free to one of the raffle winners at Kings Manor Elementary. Humble is part of the Kingwood Texas community.
  6. Roof Cleaning
    We recently did this Houston Texas Roof Cleaning job in the Summerwood Development located in Northeast Houston Texas.
  7. Roof Cleaning
    Clean and Green Solutions, a Houston Texas Roof Cleaning Company, did this non pressure non damaging roof cleaning on the last day of 2011. This job was done in the Forest Cove subdivision of Kingwood Texas.
  8. Roof Cleaning
    Here is a roof cleaning tomball texas job we did yesterday. This roof was cleaned using our non pressure non damaging cleaning process. No pressure washer was used to clean this roof.
  9. Pressure Washing
    Clean and Green Solutions will be hosting a Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School for anyone that is considering getting into the pressure cleaning or roof cleaning business or has been in the business for 3 years or less. The school will be held in Houston and begin at 8:00am on Monday...
  10. Roof Cleaning
    Clean and Green Solutions Roof Cleaning Services Houston Texas and Kingwood Texas, Call 281.883.8470 for safe non pressure roof cleaning. Here is a recent job we did in the Kingwood Texas area.
  11. Roof Cleaning
    A Roof We Cleaned in Kingwood Texas this week.
  12. Roof Cleaning
    Upon first look this roof looked like there was only gloeocapsa magma growing on it. Those black streaks were not longer visible after a strong roof treatment. After the roof cleaning, visible dead lichen appeared as light brown spots. As lichen and moss put roots into the asphalt shingles...
  13. Roof Cleaning
    We haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would share some pics of a nasty barrel tile roof cleaning we completed late last year in Tampa Florida. This tile roof was cleaned with our non pressure roof cleaning system.:thumbsup:
  14. Roof Cleaning
    Hey guys, How are you all doing? Its been a while since I've posted over here at Cleaner Talk. I had forgotten I was a member of this great forum. Lots of great, useful info here. I will check in more often. :yes: I wanted to stop in a post a new Roof Cleaners streaming video and see...
  15. Roof Cleaning
    Roof Cleaning, Maitland, Florida, Using Mallard System Here is a project we did recently in Maitland, Florida in a neighborhood called Wellington Terrace. This homes tile roof was very badly stained. It took several treatments to get it looking new. The rain we had last week really helped...
1-15 of 15 Results