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  1. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    Keeping the carpets clean is necessary for all. It helps in maintaining a good hygiene level in the house. If you want to avoid all these bad effects or conditions, then you should avail Carpet Cleaning NYC services. Our motive is to provide hygiene and a completely clean environment to the...
  2. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    You know we all could use some help with carpet cleaning every now and then. If you are thinking about cleaning your carpets on your own you are probably in for a surprise because it can be a very challenging task to begin with. Carpet cleaning in NY is mostly made simple by professionals who do...
  3. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    Carpet cleaning is one of the most dreaded household chores.This activity usually involves a lot of cleaning processes that would even make your back ache till the next day. Different methods and improved chemical compounds were developed throughout the years to make carpet cleaning a less time...
  4. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    ORGANIC RUG CLEANING FOR AS LOW AS $1.00 PER SQ FOOT call for more details -- 9178314478 visit here: and take benefit of our attractive packages and offers.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi all:vs_wave: New member here, super excited to be part of the forum. We're a local rug cleaning company in NYC offering oriental rug cleaning, Persian carpet cleaning, rug repair and other rug services. Looking forward to learning and contributing to the forum. Cheers!
  6. Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
    Carpet Cleaning NYC is dedicated to providing excellent and professional carpet cleaning services at competitive and affordable prices that make you happy. For any queries, contact us. Get Consultation Today! & take advantage of our Special Offers: Social Media...
1-6 of 6 Results