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  1. General Discussion
    After washing my white clothes in a washer,it got stained by light brown color( mud like,not too dark) .The building owner says its an issue with the water(iron content maybe) not with the washer. Further washing in a different washer does not solve the issue.What is the best method to get back...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello, I washed my walls with half vinegar/half water solution to try to get rid of a smell i've had since moving in the apartment. I think the paint they used was cheap because paint came dripped back into the water bucket when I rinsed the sponge. The issue is that the vinegar smell still...
  3. Pressure Washing
    I will be hosting a 2 day school on pressure washing and roof cleaning in East Rutherford New Jersey on March 23 and 24 at the Jracenstein Facility. This will be a great class for those interested in getting into or expanding into the roof cleaning or pressure washing business. Please click on...
  4. Pressure Washing
    For those that are just starting out in the Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning business, I have an online school that you may find helpful. I have had it about a year or so, and it has helped some guys get started and cut the learning curve quite a bit. Here is a short video that explains it. If...
  5. Pressure Washing
    I am going to begin offering a web based school within the next couple of weeks. Over the last 2 years that my school has been opened, I have had many requests to offer something like this. Training will be via recorded videos, as well as live/recorded webinars. I will also have many videos up...
  6. Pressure Washing
    Here is a house we power washed in the Hershey PA area a few days ago. We pressure washed all the siding to remove the dirt and algae to restore the beauty of the home. The homeowner was extremly happy after we awere finished pressure washing his Hershey PA home he wanted us to clean his front...
  7. Pressure Washing
    Here is a vinyl sided house that we washed a few weeks ago in Harrisburg PA area. The siding was covered with mold and algae and the house was really dull and dirty looking. After a few hours of pressure washing this home we had it looking like it was when it was new. It is amazing what...
  8. Tools, Vehicles & Equipment
    This summer we bought a van for washing those long distant jobs and hard to get to areas. We do most of our power washing in Harrisburg PA, but we do have some jobs in the Reading, Lancaster, Allentown PA and it has been working out well for those long driving distances. Also it works well...
  9. Pressure Washing
    Here is a recent Pressure Washing Kingwood Texas Job we did. This job involved cleaning vinyl siding as well as Mexican Brick. Based in Kingwood Texas Clean and Green Solutions services the entire Houston Texas Area.
  10. Pressure Washing
    Clean and Green Solutions cleaned up this Houston Texas Graffiti Removal mess yesterday/ The HOA was pleased with our results to say the least.
  11. Pressure Washing
    Houston Texas Pressure Washing Services bu Clean and Green Soltutions, 281.883.8470. This home in the Kingwood Texas area was cleaned using our NON PRESSURE Cleaning method.
  12. Pressure Washing
    Clean and Green Solutions - Pressure Washing Houston Texas. Here some pics of a recent job using our NON PRESSURE NON DAMAGING Exterior Cleaning Service. Kingwood Texas
  13. Pressure Washing
    Here are some pictures of a NON PRESSURE Houston Texas Siding Cleaning we did recently. When cleaning siding we do not use high pressure, in fact we don;t even use a pressure washer. Clean and Green Solutions is located in Kingwood Texas, just north of Houston Texas. We service the entire...
  14. Pressure Washing
    The Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning School is located in Houston Texas. Become Certified in Pressure Washing and learn how to open and operate your small business, and recieve Hands On Training. Call 281.883.8470 for more information and visit us at Pictures...
  15. Pressure Washing
    Here is a before and after picture of a job our Houston Texas Pressure Washing company did in Kingwood Texas. We used a safe non pressure cleaning method to remove these stains.
  16. Roof Cleaning
    We haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would share some pics of a nasty barrel tile roof cleaning we completed late last year in Tampa Florida. This tile roof was cleaned with our non pressure roof cleaning system.:thumbsup:
1-16 of 16 Results