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  1. Websites, Software, and Computers
    Hello, I run a carpet cleaning company with a friend in the Dallas Area and my brother has a pressure washing company also in Dallas. I built the websites for both businesses. Is anyone here interested in a low cost website? I can send you the ones I have already done as examples. Thank you...
  2. Websites, Software, and Computers
    Hi guys, We are selling our old carpet cleaning website because we have built a brand new one. The sale include domain, brand name (Eva Cleaners) and the content. The site is built on a custom PHP platform and have unique design + logo. If you buy this website you can start doing cleaning...
  3. Sales & Marketing
    I am doing a shameless plug for my carpet cleaning web guy since he has hooked me up with a local lead generation solution and I am dominating my competition. The guy I work with is Bill Schultz and he and his wife own a digital marketing company in Wisconsin (Ceresco Consulting). I told him he...
  4. Websites, Software, and Computers
    My site ranked relatively well with the google speed test, but I want to improve it, especially for the mobile side of things. Does anyone know how to speed up a website? I was thinking of using a plugin for wordpress, but the one I tried gave my site issues so I stopped it. Optimize, Website...
  5. Websites, Software, and Computers
    Building a website and am trying to automate as much of this process as possible. Id love to get some feedback on the scheduling aspect of it in particular and the website as well. The way the scheduling works, the only way i can think of breaking it down is to offer prices in ranges of 500...
  6. Pressure Washing
    Hey Guys! Check out our new website for this coming season. Its simple but it works for us. Take a look at see what you think! Roof Cleaning and Powerwashing
  7. Websites, Software, and Computers
    On our website we show are flat rates for basic and deep cleanings. Is it wise to not display our rates on the website, or does it really matter? Thank you in advance.
  8. Websites, Software, and Computers
    Hello, my name is Steve Combs and I live in San Angelo tx. I recently retired from the local newspaper after 25 years working in the advertising department. I have decided to build simple affordable websites for small businesses like yours. Since I am just getting started I am offering a...
  9. Websites, Software, and Computers
    We'd like everyone's feedback on our newly resigned company website. What was essential to us when building the site was: - User Friendliness - Easy to Navigate - Attractive & Appealing - Strategic Sales Funnel We hope that we have achieved this with our last makeover. Everyone's honest...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Sarah, im running a company in Manchester named ManchesterCityClean. If you are moving out or in, or it's spring cleaning time, or even moving from your rental home. We can provide 15% off discount on carpet cleaning when any type of clean is booked. website...
  11. Websites, Software, and Computers
    Found this interesting page on creating a good website... Any thoughts ? What do you think makes a website appealing/effective and feel free to post your website address !
1-11 of 11 Results