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Whether or not you are living in your dream home it does not mean that your home cannot be your slice of heaven. There is always a way to bring a touch of personality or a spot of magic into any place. All you need is some hard work, a little bit of inspiration and hopefully a spare room that isn’t being used!

Most people with spare rooms don’t use it the right way. It either become a place to throw all the junk that you do not want to deal with or a room to dry your laundry. If taken care off, your spare room could become a place to make you happy and release that stress. Take a minute to think about what would make you happy, is it a big closet to model your new clothes or would you rather have a quite oasis to sit and read? Perhaps you want that dream gym so that overpriced gym memberships become a thing of the past. Whatever your wish, we have compiled a list of ideas to help you decide what to do with that spare room.

Walk in wardrobe

If you are one of those people with way too many clothes and no place to put all of them then you might think of creating your own walk-in closet out of that spare room.

An art studio

Rather than get your paint and painting supplies all over the house, why not create an art studio for yourself? You can create your own little quiet space with a good amount of light and store all your art materials.

Home workshop

Do you love making things with your hands but hate the mess that it creates? Why not invest in a home workshop where you can be creative whenever the fancy strikes you.

Music room

Love creating music but feel like everyone keeps telling you to keep it down? Why not create your own little music room? You could go all high-tech with it and make it soundproof so that you can have your own little safe haven.


Too many books and counting? Make you own little reading nook complete with bookcases so that you can indulge your inner bookworm.

Your own personal pantry

If you happen to be an aspiring chef, this spare room ca be your own personal pantry. This will also free up more kitchen space for all your gadgets and give you more room to be more experimental in the kitchen.

Bring the gym home

Hate going to the gym but want to work out anyway? Then a home workout area is the way to go! You don’t even need to make a state-of the-art gym either, all you need is some workout mats, a weight set and maybe a treadmill and you are good to go!

Games room

Everyone should have the goal to create a room that they can stock up with their favorite games. Imagine a whole room for a snooker table or a Ms.Pac Man machine! You would fast become the favorite in your friend group.

Home office

Be productive all day without the hassle of a commute! Does that not sound like a dream?

If you want something a little more lux:

A sauna might be a complete luxury investment, but does it not sound magical?

So there you have it – our top ideas for how to transform your spare room into the most popular room in the house! Which is your favorite? Or do you have your own master plan for what to do? Tweet us @propertyeportal to tell us.

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td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}My wife and I recently bought ourselves a new house and there are quite a few large and spacious rooms in it. Next to our bedroom is a small, inconspicuous room that I decided to convert into my modest office. I think that would be a great idea, but my wife wants to make a dressing room out of her. I argued for a long time about this with my wife because we already have 2 large wardrobes and I would not want to lose such a wonderful place. I have already ordered various quiet products specifically for this room to make it as quiet and invisible as possible. I plan to treat the walls with soundproofing and enjoy the silence there after a hard day's work.
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