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For Sale 2007 CFI 3000 truckmount trailer set up. This trailer set up is a tile and grout cleaning machine. It has the capabilties of up to 3000 Psi. It maintains 240 degrees at lower pressure for carpet. The truckmount has 145 hrs on it and is in great condition. Some other main components of this package is a 1200 psi terminator portable. This portable is also known as the U.S products 1200 King Cobra.It has a 1200 psi option for tile and grout and a low pressure heated option for carpet. Some of the tools that are included in this trailer are 2 turbo hybrid hard surface cleaner tools, 1 rotovac power wand, 1 duel jet carpet wand,1 mini-turbo, 1 cobra detail tool and much much more. I paid $54,300 dollars for this set up from Clean Force International also known as The Masters Touch. I'm willing to let this go at $33,500 THIS IS A BIG HIT FOR ME. The set-up is amazing I have really enjoyed it. I live in Reno Nevada. If there is someone local who is interested there is about $13,000 dollars in yearly commercial contracts that I could have a easy transfer over to the new owner. I'm letting this go because I have decided to become a menace to society and go to Law School. I'm very motivated to sell this set up. There is much much more included. This set up was purchased in Feb 07. Please contact me with any questions. Call or e-mail me anytime. I will e-mail pictures at your request.

Thanks, Kent Kararsch
[email protected]
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