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Anybody else using or have tried this product? If so, do you attach the sheet to something like a wand or pole for High Dust Removal?
I sent away for a free sample and got the free sample which contained 5-6 east trap sheets.
The sheets are lightly sticky so they stick to your hand when hand dusting.
Can be used folded over (if using 2 sheets) or laid flat (using 2 sheets) to dust large areas
Sheets can be used on both sides
Sheets fit in between items on a shelf
I bought 60 sheet roll off Amazon for $12
I find that my microfiber cloths tend to loose their "dust attracting" capabilities after several washes even washing following manufacture's laundering instructions.
I just check 3M website and the Easy Trap Sweep and Dust page and they are still offering a free sample.
Brad BD Janitorial
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