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A few months ago I adopted a full grown cat from a friend of
mine who could no longer care for him. I asked her if the cat had any
problems using the litter box, as I had just replaced the carpeting in
my living room. She assured me that the cat was very well behaved and
that my carpeting would be safe. Not long after I brought my new cat
home, he began to urinate on my carpet and sofa! I immediately rushed
to the local pet store and stocked up on pet stain/odor removal
products and went to work cleaning my carpeting and upholstery.
Unfortunately, nothing worked, and he continued to destroy my living
room. The following week my friend came to visit and remarked on the
odor. It was so embarrassing. I explained the situation to her, and
she recommended that I get my carpet and sofa professionally cleaned.
I had never dealt with a carpet cleaning company before, so she
recommended I was immediately impressed by the
service. Despite the fact that my situation was not an “emergency”,
the man I spoke to scheduled an appointment for me the very next day!
The next day, the technician arrived on time and went to work
immediately. The process took a little over an hour. Right away, I
noticed that the smell of cat urine was no longer in the air, and the
carpeted looked as new as the day I had it installed. My sofa was
stain/odor free as well, and dried fairly quickly. I was beyond
impressed with the work that they did, and I highly recommend them!

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Damn, I got tricked. I don't want a cleaning company, I just want someone to help me figure out what best to use to clean up ben and jerrys chocolate icecream.

I was going to use some bleach spray but my dad said that was a terrible idea so in the end I just used hot water and fairy liquid (British dish cleaner) and im not entirely happy with the results.

What household products can i use to lift the stain up properly?

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