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I've been tracking conversions from search engines and tracking very closely because we've been paying for adwords. And I've found that with the expense of Adwords, you really need nearly every one that clicks through actually makes a phone call to you.

Recent stats say that more searches are now done on smartphones than on deskttop computers. So I started to wonder - what would make more conversions to call? I've already made sure that our phone number is plastered all over the site. Then I came up with this idea: create a sticky button on the screen, just for mobile devices. It took me a little time to find someone that could program it, but they made this awesome green button:

Now, for the good news.... Our conversions from Google Search (Adwords) stayed the same but the price dropped by 30%-50% per keyword. And our actual phone calls jumped by 40%.

If you want to see the button work for yourself, call up our site, Miami Hood Cleaning Pros on your cell phone. But please don't make the call. (it will drive our dispatcher crazy!)
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