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I've been cleaning a lot of facilities with a backpack vacuum but have been having issues with the cord getting in the way. The hardest place for me to clean has been a fitness place where there's a lot of equipment on the floor and my cord gets tangled up. Do any of you have this problem?

I'm considering a battery powered backpack vacuum however the ones on the market is super expensive. I see some on the market for over $2,000. That's a bit much but does anyone have a great experience with one to justify the price? Also, what would you pay for a battery powered backpack vacuum?

I'm also concerned about the weight of having a battery version, if it cleans as well and the run time. I see most only last about an hour but I wonder if there is one with a good swap out system if that can keep me going until I finish cleaning the place. Any feedback would be great. Thank you!
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