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Good afternoon, I am currently in the process of filing my LLC and getting the required certifications in order to start my own commercial cleaning and residential carpet cleaning business. Because I have zero experience and either industry I plan on tackling jobs for maybe the first 6 months to a year by myself before I decide on hiring employees. I'm looking to gain more experience so it makes it easier to train other employees before I have them certified. For my carpet cleaning business as I stated earlier I plan on doing residential for the time being until I gain more experience before I start tackling commercial properties. As far as my commercial cleaning, I'm not sure what buildings would be appropriate for a single person to clean in order to gain experience. I've heard daycares, gym's, doctor's offices, and other offices would be recommended. For a new commercial cleaning business and for me to gain experience, what type of commercial businesses would you recommend that I can start off on in order to start gaining experience? Again I'm looking to hire people within the first 6 months to a year as I plan on doing both of these full-time but I'm just not sure what commercial businesses would be a good start for somebody like me

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I clean small medical offices 1000 sq ft up to a museum that is 15,000 sq ft on my own. I find small office spaces 1000-3000 sq ft a good place to start.
There are cleaning times estimators such as this one: ISSA Cleaning Times
It is guide to possible pricing for each task based on square footage or fixture etc. Your time maybe less or more than the what is listed in the guide.
Just starting out you might want to consider signing up for Janitorial Lead Services like or Free to sign up, you only pay for the leads you want to bid/pay for.
Each of these services you can pick target areas/zip codes and offer services for each zip code.
Example: I signed up thry to do floor cleaning-tile & grout, hardwood floor cleaning just to see what opportunities there are for those services in the zip codes of my choice. I get about 2-4 leads a week thru bark, I can read the job description, time frame and zip code for free. If I want to contact the owner/lead I have to pay for that. Also in the lead will be listed how many pros the owner has contacted.
P.S. lots of window cleaning leads also, but most of them are for 2 story/level homes. That's a story for another time.
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