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what is a good software to use for managing a commercial cleaning company. One that has customer, invoicing and personnel included.
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What do you mean by manage the company exactly? The company I work for uses old fashioned pen and paper.
I should have been more specific. Looking at a CRM that can also do invoicing and potentially lead management. There are software companies and apps out there but was wondering if anyone has found a product that works for all.

Currently using pen and paper as well as excel and word.
You might want to look at I have only used their bidding software on a trial basis and used it to bid on 2 accounts and to check my monthly service price on several current accounts to see if asking for an increase was in order.
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I checked it doesn't look bad. I think it was a good service. However, the financial side of it should not be overlooked. Of course, it would be very costly for me if I had a share of my own country. Because the taxation is quite high. :) If there is such a thing for this, I'll not ignore it, if there is entrepreneurship education and I would work as a student. Do not forget to make an income/expense statement.
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Housecall Pro's cleaning business software is built to help the owners run their daily operations. It is featured with scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, and other helpful tools to efficiently manage cleaning business.
We have tried NOVAGEMS and believe me the experience was fabulous. Software is very smooth to use and easy to use fr scheduling and managing business operations.
I do residential cleanings, short term rentals and move outs. My team uses a combination of TurnoverBnB for scheduling, automation & leads with Taskbird for managing my crew. Using these two together has been a game changer and doesn't break the budget at all
I stumbled upon this thread while doing some research, and I can totally relate to your needs. Managing a commercial cleaning company can be a challenge, but I recently discovered a killer combo that has worked wonders for my team. We use TurnoverBnB for scheduling, automation, and leads, while Taskbird helps us efficiently manage our crew. It's been a game changer for residential cleanings, short-term rentals, and move-outs without breaking the bank. By the way, during my online browsing, I came across some interesting info about sanity testing. If you're into software testing, you might find it useful. Here's the link:
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